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Sun On My Back And Sleep In My Eyes [OPEN THREAD]


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Post by loons on Aug 30, 2021 4:58:43 GMT

.☆)  Russetpaw | Oakclan  (☆.
Training done for the day with the sun still high in the sky, the apprentice had a wishful wonderful idea: Take a nap in the sun.

Foregoing the freshkill pile, Russetpaw padded surely toward an empty rock that sat in the sun near the corner of the camp. At this time of day, it was truly lucky to find a free sunning rock. A purr already starting in his throat, he stretched out on the sun-warmed rock and basked in the warmth.
His eyelids were already heavy and the fog of sleep began to creep up. Oh yes, this would truly be an amazing nap.

Of course, his luck could only stretch so far, as he was jolted into clarity by fast approaching paw steps.

OPEN!! Mostly apprentices but anyone can join!
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