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Many moons ago, four clans lived in harmony. However a dark prophecy foreshadowing dark destruction soon came into being. Unfortunately, the four clans saw their demise as the stars fell from the sky. Their souls were carried to StarClan, the clans and their life of the warrior forgotten. At least, until recently...

Loners, rogues, and kittypets started seeing signs in their dreams, and signs written in the stars. It was time to form the clans once more. Those with stars in their pelts - Oak, Dawn, and Night - took like minded cats and formed their own clans. All three leaders agreed on a code that would guide them for as long as they lived.

35 moons later, mysterious mist rolled into the territories and all three founders mysteriously vanished. There was no sign of them, not even a scent. Cats began to question if were they even real, or they had been the spirits of warrior ancestors all along? With no signs of StarClan, tensions began to rise and rules began to be broken.

Tragedy seemed to strike as soon as the clans found their footing. Why would Starclan punish them for doing their work in the land of the living? Dawnclan face a horrible avalanche. Those inside the camp at the time were assumed to have perished and only those on outlaying patrols that day would have survived. Remains were dug up for moons leaving Dawnclan in a state of confusion and would struggle to rebuild for moons to come with so few left.

As if one tragedy wasn't enough, Nightclan and Oakclan were ravaged with Storms never seen before. Strong winds knocked down trees, and torrential rain caused severe flooding on the water front clans. Were they being punished for the constant fighting and murders?

In hopes to stop the wrath of Starclan, Oakclan and Nightclan worked together to find new territory in hopes of surviving the storm. Unfortunately they did not succeed. They managed to find a small alcove on higher ground but only enough room for select few. The Queens,kits, young apprentices, and elders were lifted into the alcove to wait out the storms. When the high waters receded the remains of their clan mates were seen, and those not accounted for were assumed to have been ripped away by the currents.

Three clans, all starting over, and Starclan once again silent.
Fast forward 50 moons and where do the clans stand?

Traditionalist Starclan--Clan cats who believe the stories of their forefathers of the warrior code. They stick to traditional naming, and rules. Breaking the code is a sin in Starclan's eyes. They have very strict upbringings and instill the code on their children. They may go as far as not letting their offspring interact or have conflict with semi traditional or new era warriors.

Traditionalist Dark forest-- Cats training in the eye of the Dark Forest used to be such a secretive thing. After all of Starclan's wrath, it's become a bragging right. There are some who will keep their ways a secret, others more vocal. Traditionalists under the Dark Forest law tend to get along with New Era, but not so much Traditionalist Starclan, or Semi Traditionlist.

Semi Traditional--They believe in some areas of the code to be true. However, they can't help but wonder why Starclan would make laws just to let everyone suffer. Semi-traditionalist tend to keep their names semi unique but still in line with the code set before them. They have their own beliefs in terms of higher power and their own way of deciphering things.

Neo Traditional--These cats don't believe in the code at all. That doesn't mean they will out right kill, and it doesn't mean they aren't friendly. Simply being they don't necessarily believe in a higher power at all. They do not fear the Dark Forest, nor do they honor Starclan. They make the rules as they go along and each individual cat probably has their own beliefs. New Eras tend not to get along well with traditionalists. New Era warriors tend to free roam and don't believe in boundaries. They tend to do as they please. the "New Way" started when all the deaths occurred creating a new perspective on punishments and higher powers.

Written in the stars is an AU Warrior Cats roleplay! It takes place in a different universe than the books, thus those characters never existed. The plotline is member driven. This means the members decide where the story goes creating a unique experience! Written in the Stars takes place in Southern United States, allowing for unique territories!
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[ Alerts ]
●︎ Clans are reforming and are on high alert
●︎ The high water from melting has created a super green environment. Prey is rather plentiful
●︎ Water levels appear to be rising due the melting snow in Dawnclan
●︎ Weather is very warm, the snow and ice in Dawnclan is melting!
[ Rank Changes ]
●︎ A leader for Nightclan has been chosen! Congrats Skystar!
●︎ Thistletea has been appointed medicine cat of Oakclan

[ Deaths ]


[ Weather Status ]
The air is warm and and wet making it a bit hard to breathe. The hot weather is causing the snow to melt in Dawnclan territory. This is causing water levels to rise.

[ Prey Status ]
Prey is plentiful in all clans!

[ Herb Status ]
The rising water has hidden some herbs in Oakclan and Nightclan but water thriving plants seem to be growing in high abudance!


Leader: Silverbane
Deputy: Reserved (Ameri)
Medicine Cat: Frostbite
Toms: 0 She-cats: 0 Other: 0

Dawnclan Allegiances

Leader: Reserved (Kaz)
Deputy: Reserved (Wolfpool)
Medicine Cat: Thistletea
Toms: 1 She-cats: 0 Other: 0

Oakclan Allegiances

Leader: Skystar
Deputy: Reserved (smith)
Medicine Cat:Reserved (fireflake)
Toms: 1 She-cats: 0 Other: 1

Nightclan Allegiances

Rogues: Toms: 2 She-cats: 0 Other: 1
Loners: Toms: 0 She-cats: 0
Kittypets: Toms: 0 She-cats: 0

Outsider Allegiances


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