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Post by loons on Aug 30, 2021 0:00:13 GMT

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The sun was starting to dip under the horizon, and Cypresstooth was checking to see if all the apprentices had gotten food as he usually did. So far, everyone was either eating or had already eaten, except for one ginger-and-cream spotted tom, Slugpaw. It didn't escape his notice that one of the other apprentices was currently ripping into two quite plump mice, either.

Huffing a big sigh, the grey warrior padded over to the freshkill pile and grabbed a mid-sized hare, and padded through the steadily chilling clearing to the entrance of the apprentices' den, where Slugpaw was laying. Setting down the hare in front of the apprentice, he simply said, "You're still growing. You need to eat." Before settling down at his side.

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Post by smith on Oct 2, 2021 19:09:18 GMT

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the sun had began to set and darkness was slowly beginning to cover dawnclan camp, it was about time for slugpaw to settle down into his nest and go to sleep for the night- afterall, he was super tired and could feel his eyelids becoming heavier and heavier each second. yet, he couldn't sleep yet, not with the increasingly loudening grumbles of his hungry stomach. all of the other apprentices were tucking into their suppers of mice and rabbits, preparing to hide themselves in the den for the night before emerging in the morning. slugpaw longed to join them, but just couldn't muster up the confidence to eat infront of others- he wasn't exactly the cleanest eater and his cream and ginger pelt always ended up stained red after each meal.

impatiently, he turned his head to see if the other apprentices had finally finished their meals, but instead of being met with them, his gaze was met by an all familiar warrior: cypresstooth, a large hare between his jaws. slugpaw had always idolised the older tom, afterall, he was just like him! the two of them both shared a similar trait in their oversized canines, and it gave the young apprentice a sense of hope that if cypresstooth could become a great warrior despite the difficulty it caused, then so could he!

a wide smile spread across slugpaw's face when cypresstooth announced that he had brought the hare for him to eat, and he dipped his head with enthusiastic gratitude, thank you, thypretht-" the apprentice paused, face blushing red at his attempts to say his idol's name, "th- thank you," he chuckled nervously, lowering himself and preparing to take a bite of the hare.

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