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Post by dofferz on May 23, 2022 16:17:26 GMT

so many moons have passed since disaster wrecked his home. seasons come and gone since everything he had known was washed white, and yet, despite it all, to date the remembering of life’s difficulties lingers over his mind like a dark cloud. churning and storming without cease. some days it subsides more graciously than others, though today bid not to be one. one might expect time to heal wounds, but not his own it seemed, and the realization of this only makes him bitter. silverbane is cold, isolated.. little does he crave for the attention of those around him to keep him occupied throughout the day… but there are some moments far and few inbetween, such as now, that even a soul like himself does not wish to remain alone with the torrent of thoughts that rage through his head (not that he would ever admit this. bane takes pride in his independence. it’s not that he wants to be with company as much as it is him merely wanting to distract himself). that is why he focuses his attention quite fervently on the young warrior pollenpetal. now, whether it is because the young she-cat is the first one he has laid eyes on or because he picks up on her bustling energy, the tom does not say. it’s not those matters that are important.

she had gone from kit to warrior before his eyes, but truth be told, silverbane could only say little about her. not that this bothers him any, and it wasn’t that he even had much of a desire to approach her in the first place. silverbane just needs a reason to keep busy, and pollenpetal is right there. with a reluctant sigh, the tom finds himself approaching her. whatever it may be that she is doing now (beneficial or not, bane does not pay attention) he casts aside as he slips around her flank and draws his feet to a pause before her. ”pray tell me you have plans, or do you simply intend to trudge around all day?” he asks quite sharply with claims backed by no evidence… rather typical of his demeanor, a rebuke falls from his lips easier than that of a genuine question. little does he care if he upsets her throughout their encounter, it is not his job to play friends.

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Post by mew on May 23, 2022 23:04:52 GMT

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The dawn air in the camp had been crisp that morning, leaving Pollenpetal feeling energized throughout her wake-up routine. From accidentally trampling the tails of her sleeping siblings nearby to stealing away to groom herself in the sliver of time she had before the dusk patrol’s return, the she-cat had been buzzing. Lost in her process, too fixated to focus beyond her own personal concerns as the clan seemed to wake in slow-motion around her. Like a busy bee in a honey-logged hive…

Fussing over a stubborn tangle on her leg, the sunshine warrior hadn’t realized the silver shadow slipped around her until it was too late as the clan leader presented himself before her. It took the warrior a split-second to retract her tongue and crane her neck back to straighten up. Even at her height, Pollenpetal still felt small in her having to look up at Silverbane. Not every cat in their clan was as tall as the mountains, not even her own mother stood as high as she did, but it was refreshing to see the older cat in such a way. It was a solid reminder of the strength in her chosen path in a way, she supposed. Perhaps Stagdance would think so too? She only hoped her father would agree with her decisions.

Scrunching up her face for a moment, Pollenpetal recentered her attention on Silverbane, forgetting her thoughts as his sharp voice cut through the general quiet of the camp. Digesting his words, the rounded eye of the queen narrowed and her large ears twitch for a moment in the briefest flash of defiance. In a lilting, yet tight voice, the young she-cat huffed, ”I do not trudge! At the very least, I’m faster than everyone else up right now.” In a more relaxed voice, she continued, ”I was to be part of the dawn patrol-" Her eye seemed to gleam for an instant at the concept of the dawn patrol in DawnClan. ”- but I had a bit of time to sort out my bedpelt.”

As she spoke, Pollenpetal tilted her head as her gaze roved over the leader’s tabby form. Flicking her eye back up to look onto Silverbane’s, the warrior concluded, ”No time to tend to yours then?” Settling on an amicable enough smile, the golden she-cat brightly chirped, ”Must have too many plans to worry about.” She wondered for a second if perhaps she had prodded a bit too hard, but then again what sort of leader crumpled beneath a little clan banter?

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