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Post by dofferz on May 22, 2022 20:05:15 GMT

before plotting with me, please know i am busy irl!
i will certainly do my best, but may not always be able to respond quickly. i work long and late hours, and so most of my free time is either very late at night or very early in the morning (est, utc-4). i LOVE roleplaying fictional cats, but please note real life responsibilities come first. 

please note that i may not always update this thread after creating a new character. that does not mean that character is off limits! just let me know and i'll be down to find a plot! and to save my own time, i will only be adding large plot ideas and more in depth options for characters i have a large amount of muse and passion for. unless directly specified, dont be afraid to ask about things i don't have listed! also, you have to click the spoiler to see their information to keep this from being cluttered looking as i add more characters over time.

also note that i will not always edit this thread and bump my character's ages up every month. i will put an age range on my cats, and update that every few months as needed. this is easier for me. for an exact age, view their clan allegiances. the bio may not always be updated either, but you can do the math if desired.

lastly note i do not write my characters. my characters write themselves. it's a lot easier for me to reply to an interaction thread versus a 'they must be friends' flavor of thread. while there can definitely be bias towards where you want interaction development to go between our characters, i cannot promise that it will work out that way and have them be instant friends, rivals, enemies, or lovers.

» silverbane, dawnclan leader 
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silverbane, dawnclan leader

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Post by dofferz on May 22, 2022 20:24:18 GMT

dawnclan, leader, male (ftm)
{CLICK for plotting information!}silverbane is the current leader of dawnclan. his age currently ranges from 58 moons to 70. please see dawnclan allegiances for an exact number.  his bio is located here. he is both bisexual and greyromantic.

he is very emotionally detached from the personal affairs of those around him. getting close to him is extremely difficult, and your character is far more to see him as a friend then he sees them as one. any potential friendships are something that have to be developed through roleplay and will take time. respect is not given lightly, and he hates small talk. most interactions would involve him busy doing some sort of work or reprimanding. while you are more then welcome to attempt to grow close to him, chances are it will not be reciprocated. bane is far more likely to create enemies and rivals.

more than likely will be closed to any sort of romance plots, for the reason stated above. he is not good with children either, and is better off without having any sort of unexpected litters. any potential romantic situations would be an extremely slow burn, and can not be rushed. same goes for close friendships.

potential plots:
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silverbane, dawnclan leader


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●︎ Clans are reforming and are on high alert
●︎ The high water from melting has created a super green environment. Prey is rather plentiful
●︎ Water levels appear to be rising due the melting snow in Dawnclan
●︎ Weather is very warm, the snow and ice in Dawnclan is melting!
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●︎ A leader for Nightclan has been chosen! Congrats Skystar!
●︎ Thistletea has been appointed medicine cat of Oakclan

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The air is warm and and wet making it a bit hard to breathe. The hot weather is causing the snow to melt in Dawnclan territory. This is causing water levels to rise.

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Prey is plentiful in all clans!

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The rising water has hidden some herbs in Oakclan and Nightclan but water thriving plants seem to be growing in high abudance!


Leader: Silverbane
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Medicine Cat: Frostbite
Toms: 0 She-cats: 0 Other: 0

Dawnclan Allegiances

Leader: Reserved (Kaz)
Deputy: Reserved (Wolfpool)
Medicine Cat: Thistletea
Toms: 1 She-cats: 0 Other: 0

Oakclan Allegiances

Leader: Skystar
Deputy: Reserved (smith)
Medicine Cat:Reserved (fireflake)
Toms: 1 She-cats: 0 Other: 1

Nightclan Allegiances

Rogues: Toms: 2 She-cats: 0 Other: 1
Loners: Toms: 0 She-cats: 0
Kittypets: Toms: 0 She-cats: 0

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