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The First Seasonal Fight Club Meeting


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Post by KingHarry on Sept 12, 2021 19:37:51 GMT


This thread will be the main hub, so to speak - everyone meeting up, trying to get a rise out of each other beforehand, giving their apprentice a pep talk, etc etc. Fights will take place in individual threads, allowing us to run both this thread and all the fights at the same time and hopefully keeping everything moving so the whole event doesn't take a year to complete!

Make your own fight thread with your partner whenever you want to start, then link me to it on Discord. I will then link it below.

Once the fight is won, the winner will move onto the next round. There will be three rounds in total.

Round One:

Round Two:
  • Badgerpaw OR Beepaw vs Lilypaw OR Crimsonpaw
  • Irishpaw OR Antpaw vs Cricketpaw OR Duckpaw

Round Three:
  • Round two victors

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Mothmaw || DawnClan

It was finally the night. Mothmaw had been very excited about this. He and Badgerpaw had been training extra hard when it came to battle techniques - perhaps to the detriment of his other training, but there would be enough time to catch up with that later. What was important right now was winning this thing.

Of course, he was aware that the odds were not in his favour. NightClan had the most entrants for the competition, therefore it seemed likely that they had an advantage. Then again, though, Mothmaw had heard who they were sending, and apparently one of them was a cripple, so it hardly seemed like they were sending their best. Besides, numbers didn't mean anything; one warrior with good technique was worth ten warriors that had no idea what they were doing.

As night fell, those attending the fights had slowly trickled in over the DawnClan border. That was another advantage that he felt that Badgerpaw had over the other apprentices - he was the only one familiar with the territory, and Mothmaw had been certain the train him in the area countless times in preparation for his fight. Competitive tensions were high, though every cat was under strict instructions not to scrap with each other unless they had been paired together for a fight. Well, physically scrap, that was. Verbal sparring was allowed and Mothmaw would certainly be taking part in it himself, just as he had encouraged Badgerpaw to do too. If they could insult their opponents successfully, they might be too distracted to think straight later.

After welcoming every cat to the meeting, Mothmaw had announced to the crowd who would be fighting who in the first round. With that done, he stepped back, giving everyone a moment to say hello to each other and get ready before the actually fighting began.

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Post by mew on Sept 16, 2021 5:34:34 GMT

she/her • nightclan warrior

The night air was crisp in the mountains, uncommon and a fair bit nippy to the swamp queen more accustomed to the heat. However, Pinkfish was thankful for her thicker pelt; it left her a little more well-off in the chill than some of her other shorter-haired clanmates. At the thought, she glanced at the thin apprentice who accompanied her.

The bright tabby had been giddy with excitement as soon as Redfang had shared what he had been roped into during the gathering with her. Her brother showed little interest in the extracurricular activity, so the she-cat figured she’d take it upon herself to get involved in his stead. But neither had an apprentice at their disposal, leaving the queen to ponder her options.

It came as a bit of a surprise when Antpaw had approached her about the topic. The two had spent some time together at the gathering, the young warrior having shared a few of her own delinquent secrets with the apprentice as they waited out the announcements. She hadn’t expected him to have any reason to approach her again, but at least the queen was good with social situations. It seemed the secret was not as guarded amongst the apprentices who had been to the gathering, and Antpaw had turned to her. It definitely had Pinkfish worried a little, knowing just exactly who his mentor was, and the warrior dreaded the ear-shredding she would get from Batstrike if his apprentice were to come back from some mysterious training bloodied. But then again...when would such an opportunity arise again? It was a gilded chance at experience. So there they had come in a roguish band of a few from the swamps, chilly yet fired up as they mingled with their rival contestants.

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he/him • oakclan warrior

Thistlemint felt his cheshire grin deepen secretly as he sat alongside the few of his clanmates that joined him; a single other warrior and apprentice pair to match him and Irispaw. How fitting, he thought as he looked over the chosen candidates from Oakclan. Both apprentices had just been named during his final moon in the Apprentices’ den and Thistlemint knew they were both a force to be reckoned with. It had caught him by surprise that it was Irispaw who had sought him out first of the siblings. Normally she was a headstrong member of the clan who was unafraid to nag him on his time off, which seemed rather too frequently for the harlequin tom’s tastes. However, it did paint the grey she-cat in a certain light that the young warrior found amusing; so stuck in her ways to show her strength, Irispaw even allowed her steely veneer to bend in order to ally herself with the lax warrior in an effort to reach her goals. Thistlemint could applaud her tenacious scheming.

Curling a clawed toe around a lock of fur that fell into his eyes, the tom breathed a nasally sigh before throwing his head dramatically. Leaning over to Irispaw, he hummed in a low voice, ”You’ve done some sort of training with Cinderstorm, haven’t you? Not that I don’t think you couldn’t take them with pure chutzpah, but a warrior’s got to have a few tricks up their pelt.” With a snicker, he teased, ”If worst comes to worst, you can always pull their tails.”

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Post by dofferz on Sept 16, 2021 16:32:06 GMT

sundance couldn't stand crimsonpaw. and yet, here they were, attending a fight club together. as soon as the young warrior had caught ear of the upcoming occasion, it was not a thought that the golden tabby was going to allow to slip past. the only issue was that they were young, and didn't actually have an apprentice to bring and to train. and crimsonpaw...? perhaps they could put aside ill feelings for one night. their single night of semi-truce for the greater good. and it seemed, aside from mothpaw himself, they seemed to be one of the early duos to show up. maybe not the first, but certainly not last. if the others couldn't even manage to show up early, how could they even try to manage themselves in battle? perhaps it was a good thing there weren't many dawnclan cats; they would just have to sit on crimsonpaw to secure a victory. because as much as sundance wanted the ginger tom to win, for the sake of pride and bragging rights... well, it was still.. him. the same cat who thinks tripping the older into the mud was a game. hmpf. 

"you better not embarrass me, and this doesn't make us friends." sundance speaks these words with a frown. since they weren't crimsonpaw's mentor, well... in honesty, he wasn't all that aware of the apprentices abilities. besides, cherryheart looked like an apprentice herself. how could she possibly train one? "what a shame it's kits only. i'd love to show them all how it's done." oh, just one of the few times sundance whished to be younger again. perhaps the only. but for now, they let out a sigh, watching the other pairs interact around them. "this would be a cakewalk for me." the thought proudly lingers in their head. a cakewalk or... whatever a cat would call it. 

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Post by aelita 🌷 on Sept 16, 2021 18:35:57 GMT

he/him ✧ nightclan apprentice

shortly after the gathering, antpaw overheard something about a secret apprentice brawl. he was somewhat intrigued by this. he was not the best fighter, but he did have wits on his side. surely, he could outsmart a few battle-hungry apprentices. the meeting required a warrior to take you. there was no chance in starclan that batstrike would take him. however, there was one other option... pinkfish. they spoke for a while at the gathering. when he was feeling nervous about the large quantity of cats attending, she showed him a place to hide while still being able to spectate. he appreciated her helpfulness. when he asked her to take her to the meetup, he was glad she said yes. the young brown tabby wanted an opportunity to show that he was capable of landing a few blows.

the night had come and the cats gathered on dawnclan territory. upon arriving, he sat beside his accompanied warrior, pinkfish. he'd never been in a real fight before, but hopefully his training with batstrike would get him through. he turned to pinkfish and gave her a "i've got this" look of confidence. he realized his sister, beepaw, was attending. admittedly, since becoming apprentices, they hadn't spoken much. he still had loads of love for his sister. "hi, beepaw." he meowed, tail flicking a 'hello' to his sibling. they wouldn't have to fight... would they?

it came to his attention that he would be fighting irispaw, an oakclan apprentice. they were about the same age, but she was a lot larger than him. this would clearly be to his disadvantage considering his small stature. she was an oakclan cat. given the recent events at the bridge, he decided against exchanging pleasantries. instead of verbally greeting her, he looked her up and down, then turned his chin to the side. she wasn't worthy of his attention.

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Post by bits on Sept 17, 2021 3:52:31 GMT


From the moment they had set out for fight night, Beepaw had been floating. Tonight was a thrilling mix of competition, rule breaking, and exploration. New experience? Check. Physical challenge? Check. Interclan rivalries? Double check. On the way here, her mentor had been subjected to a (mostly) quiet glee that escaped in the form of a toothy grin every once in a while. It wasn't hard to see that the black apprentice's light steps were as much a symptom of her good mood as they were the result of her slighter frame. Some of those present seemed to be taking this seriously - Beepaw was not one of them. Her shiver as they settled in to listen could have been from the chill in the air or the tension between cats. A dozen side-eyes and piercing evaluations during the opening of the evening seemed to set the tone - though Beepaw failed to internalise anything too serious.

She did listen to Mothmaw - far from attentively, but that wasn't unusual for her. Beepaw was no stranger to her eyes (and mind) wandering, and she looked out at the others with brazen curiosity. Was she keeping a particular eye out for a face stained white, or dark red stripes among those gathered? No, that would be ridiculous. Even if she was, it would be in the interest of following through with all that talk - and to her credit, the small apprentice's bravado was genuine. It was backed more by conviction than any notable talent, but if trying is half the battle then at least she'll go down swinging. No sooner were the pairings given than she leapt to solid black paws with every intent of darting over to her opponent - though a certain hi, beepaw managed to redirect her focus instantaneously. There was a whirlwind of excitement-glee-exhilaration pumping through her veins, but her brother took priority without question. She spun where she stood, practically bouncing a half a step closer to the tabby tom. Beepaw dropped a shoulder into Antpaw's, hoping to knock into him familiarly with some of the excess energy she was carrying.

"I'm gonna go knock the fluff outta his ears, I'll come cheer you on when I'm done!" Beepaw flashed a confident grin at her brother, untroubled by thought-heavy anxieties. Whether they had to fight or not was a future Beepaw problem - right now, she was happy to soak in the recklessness of the moment. She was already moving again, unable to keep from following her impulsiveness even for Antpaw. "Unless you can beat me to it!" 

Beepaw was thriving here. 

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Post by Broadfae on Sept 19, 2021 18:37:37 GMT

Badgerpaw wanted nothing more than to make Mothmaw proud. He was a stodgy, miserable old cat to so many - but he knew what he was talking about. They fit together in a sort of strange comparability - one that wasn't necessarily good but was bound to make Badgerpaw a worthy opponent when he got older. After all, smoke often followed fire...and while they were two decidedly different dangers of nature they were both strong and deadly in their own ways.

He had not only trained for this; he lived for it. And there was that inner drive that told him he deserved, no...needed to do well. The thought of losing was just a little too humiliating for him to bare. Especially considering some of the cats who had shown up. One of them was so white they practically glowed like snow...and the others might as well have been runts as far as he was concerned.

He had groomed his thick pelt in preparation to look his best as well; although that was hardly necessary and the likelihood was that he'd just muss it up in fighting. But presentation was half the battle; and the fact that well fluffed fur gave him at least another inch in size was nothing to slouch at either. His muscles were taught as he sat beside Mothmaw, and the orders given; only breaking the slightest of malicious grins when he learned who exactly it was he'd be facing. 

"You'd have to grab me first, slippery lizard licker!" He snapped at Beepaw's comment; fur ruffling in the night breeze. "Although maybe if your a gracious loser I'll let you have a bit to line your nest - because clearly you don't have any to spare, do you? Don't your lot have to climb on top on one another and hope you don't freeze during the night? Must be real difficult with all those swamp fumes and prey farts. Explains the stink though."



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Post by Tactical on Oct 7, 2021 12:44:31 GMT

The gray she-cat looked Antpaw up and down and couldn't help but laugh. Oh how unfair this fight would be. Her large form stepped forward, green eyes narrowed into tiny slits. However it was Thistlemints tone that snapped her back into a focused stance. "I could run Cinderstorm into the ground. I train with the best only the best." She moved forward muscles rippling under her pelt. She was clumsy when it came to hunting, but when it came to earning battle scars, nothing made her more happy than that.

Cinderstorm never would have agreed to such a feat. Irispaw looked towards the other Oakclan cats before inching forward claws unsheathed. She looked at Antpaw, her eyes filled with amusement. "This will be quick. I promise." She wouldn't let Thistlemint down, after all this would prove who the strongest of apprentices really was. With a huff she stepped off to the side and into a battle stance. She would make sure Antpaw would be going home with a few extra claw marks today. After all, Nightclan thought they owned the place, and Irispaw would show them otherwise.

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