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Post by Broadfae on Sept 5, 2021 0:14:43 GMT

Russetpaw ( ), Sedgestream ( ) | Pinkflame ( ) Tawnykit ( ) and Rosekit ( ) and Greyears ( )

At least it warmed up a little bit by the time they were really getting into work - there was less of a crunch underpaw, and the ground was more forgiving and a bit damp with melted frost. It was a reminder that they weren't in the dire weather yet; her fur could remain unfluffed for the time being, and she didn't need to worry too much about where the next meal for her clanmates would be coming from.

Nor more than usual, at least.

"How does it look from here, Greyears? Does that seem to have covered the hole?" Foxstar was a firm believer in getting her paws dirty - if there was a task she expected her clanmates to do, then she certainly wasn't too good for it. Hard work started with everyone, after all; and she was still working off that bit of a limp, a painful twinge in the muscle of her back leg where an unscrupulous Nightclan cat had dug their claws in deep. 

So she trusted reports to come back to her, while she focused on making the camp stronger for it; to keep the elements and biting chill out, and their warmth in. It helped that the fallen leaves provided plenty of flat building materials in which to shore up bowers of thorns and twigs. 

"You alright there, Sedgestream? Russetpaw? Perhaps not the most glamourous of work, for which I apologizebut it'll be more than welcome when we've got warm nests at night."
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Post by dofferz on Sept 6, 2021 13:00:22 GMT

while camp repairs were slightly irritating for the male, he was also very grateful for them. the noise and the cats crowding around in small areas was enough to make his skin crawl (especially when it was in his den). the old male had snored through foxstar’s latest meeting, seeing as politics were no interest or concern of his anymore. there was no use worrying about or making deals over little things that didn’t necessarily affect him. so heedless to say, it has come off as a pretty big shock when everybody began to conglomerate in front of his den claiming to fix it up for him. frustrating, but all the while, the actual repairs and upgrades that came at the end of the day always made it worth the prolonged suffering. especially with foxstar herself supervising and helping paws-on with the dirty work this time. greyears knew that tonight, he was going to be sleeping warm and dry. ah, but of course, he was a bit too proud and far too stubborn to admit that he was thankful for this effort being put forth and adamantly refused to make it easy on them. that was their punishment for letting it get so bad in the first place. their punishment for involving him in such strenuous activities. ”a kittypet could patch a roof better than that,” he grunts. ”i just think you want me to wake up underwater the next time it rains.”. a huge overstatement; in all honesty, they all patched up the roof quite well. greyears was just determined to be difficult.
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Post by Broadfae on Sept 12, 2021 2:26:28 GMT

Ah, Greyears - not the easiest of cats to get along with. He'd been around when she'd been but a kit, a bit of a legend by the time she was old enough to remember such things; a part of her remembered the tom in his prime, a little less grumpy and a little more quick on his paws. She'd be more than happy to lecture any apprentices who saw just the greyed cat before them, with the crabby attitude - although even she was just barely holding back a bit of an amused chuckle at the way he was ordering about.

"We wouldn't let you wash away quite yet, Greyears." She assured the grumbling cat, trying to give him a bit of comfort and playing to his better nature - something she knew was deep, deep down there. "You've more than deserved a dry bed and a sturdy nest - although if you plan on tearing a poor cat's tail off for the effort you might want to give it a moment until we're done."

Perhaps the allowing for the tom to 'oversee' the reconstruction might have been a little nearsighted of her - but he was someone who's advice needed to be heeded - no matter the tone that came with it. And really, there was goodness behind the gruff exterior.

"Perhaps you could check with Pinkflame while we finish up; since we're starting on the nursery next, she'll be escorting her three out soon enough - could probably use a keen eye such as yours to make sure they don't get into too much mischief."



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Post by Kazuko on Sept 15, 2021 20:54:11 GMT

"No need." Pinkflame called over - she had been halfway there, herding the kits over so that she could help Greyears with the nursery while the elder kept an eye on the kits. They'd keep him busy, that was for sure. It was pure coincidence that Pinkflame had been approaching them just within earshot as Foxstar mentioned her name.

"We're already here - I can help with your den if you like." Pinkflame offered, "As long as you can help keep an eye on the rascals here. I figured they may want to 'help' by taking materials to and from places." The she-cat reasoned. Of course, help was a very loose word here - they would be lucky if the kits didn't trip and make the moss messy. Especially Rosekit... I need to go to Daisypetals about that at some point...

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Post by wolfpool on Sept 16, 2021 15:53:02 GMT

Rosekit trotted after his mother, his tail held high, as he let out a mighty yawn. He wanted to go back to their nest and take a long nap, but since the nursery was under repair, and his siblings kept insisting on playing, he was forced to stay awake. 

He didn't wanted to go to Greyears. Do not misunderstand him, it was fun to tease and annoy the elder, but only when he was able to run back to Pinkflame's protecting paws when the old cat snapped at them. Now that his mother was busy helping their clanmates, the idea of testing the large tom's non existing patience didn't seem that " safe " anymore. No, defenetly not a good idea... But a defenetly fun idea. 

With a huge grin he turned to his sister and borther. " What do you think how long would it take for Greyears to notice his nest is lacking some moss? " He whispered to his siblings, so the adults wouldn't hear his evil masterplan. " I'll distract him, while you turn some of his nest into a ball. " 


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Post by Broadfae on Sept 19, 2021 17:33:41 GMT


Speak of a cat and they shall appear - Pinkflame leading out three little ones that brought a contented smile to the leader's lips. There was nothing quite like kits to bring a little levity and joy to an otherwise dreary day or taxing task. She'd had no desire to become a mother herself; always driven to higher goals and loftier things, and the idea of how messed up her own family had been seemed to knock out any motherly ideas at an early age; perhaps from fear that she would take too much after her own parents. But that didn't mean she didn't enjoy the antics, the idea that there were more cats to carry on after their current family was lost. They were the image which proved Oakclan would be strong for many moons to come. 

"Thank you, Pinkflame; many paws'll make light work and then I'm sure you can get back to resting with your little ones." She swiped her tail playfully at the young kits in question. "Although you three - don't let Greyears tire you out now. He's a harsh taskmaster, clearly."

It would be funny to think who would have more of a tiring time - but she wasn't fool enough to suggest it was Greyears who'd find a lack of energy dealing with the little ones. 

"Do you think you could help me over here - support this last bit of wall so that the others can weave through a bit of twigs and the bush there to reinforce it?" She asked the young mother - picking a job where they could still be quite close enough to see what her young were getting up to, and also to chat; because that was the pleasantness allowed for this particular job. A little bit of clan bonding; and she wanted to make sure their newest Queen was finding her time in camp a pleasant enough one; that she felt her kits were safe as they should be, or what she could do to rectify those concerns if there were any. 

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Post by dofferz on Sept 21, 2021 20:42:04 GMT

"quite yet." that was the catch of it, wasnt it? greyears scowled back. foxstar had hopes of a heart and good nature down deep in the older man, and there was one down in there, but not one that was frequently used. inhabited by tulipwish only, of whom he still cast harsh tongue to. all well. at the end of the day, he would be grateful to be sleeping in a warm, clean den.. even if his gratitude would not be addressed publicly to those around him. the male is rather taken aback by her next words though, and the elder cat stares at her in disbelief. "kitsitting?" as soon as the word leaves his mouth, pinkflame comes emerging from the nursery with the cavalry behind her. no. no. there was NO way in this world that he was going to find himself kit-sitting.

greyears flashes a glance between foxstar to pinkflame to foxstar again. "you seriously think that's a good idea?" he is too shocked to even muster up any sarcasm or anything other than the blunt question. a new mother trusting her children with the child-hating tomcat. "neither of you have a lick of sense; sharing the same clump of rabbitfluff for brains. i don't want those fiends anywhere near me." greyears snaps, ears pinned back against his skull and tail twitching. he didn't necessarily care that he was talking to these 'fiend's' mother and his leader as much as he did getting himself out of this situation. which would likely be to no avail... gah! so stupid. and amidst his complaint, he had not happened to overhear the words of rosekit proposing the idea of stealing his bedding. guess he wouldn't be sleeping in a warm, clean bed after all. a poor cat can't get a lick of peace around here, can't he? it was difficult being old. 

ignore his complaints please i want to have him be tortured by kids
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