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Post by dofferz on Sept 4, 2021 2:58:19 GMT

the promise of leaf-fall was growing closer and closer with each day. while some cats may be grateful to receive a break from the scorching sun, others... found it more distasteful than others. one of those cats in particular was greyears, laying down sprawled out in his usual, favorite spot. a sunbeam angled directly against his pelt, absorbing it's warmth throughout his body. as pleasurable as the last days of greenleaf still were, there were moments that always reminded him that the good days were coming to an abrupt end. such as a small gust of wind that swept at him. it was hardly a 'gust.' in fact, it was small enough that there was a chance that those cats active and doing stuff around camp wouldn't even notice it's presence. but he did. and it was vile. there were always the same thoughts in his head around this time of year. was this going to be his last time enjoying a warm, pleasurable sunny day? was this going to be his last time seeing leaf-bare fall upon the forest? how many cats were betting on him to kick the bucket these next few moons? the thought of leaf-bare chilled him to the bone in many different ways. there was no way that he would sacrifice his pride to join these new clans only to survive just a few seasons. the so called ‘starclan’ would have to come down and pull him into cat heaven hissing and scratching. he wasnt going to be going down too easily. a pool of thoughts stimulated by the gentlest breeze through the trees.

”if starclan’s so powerful, why don’t they keep the sun warm.” the male speaks loudly, allowing his voice to project around the camp. ”if they can cover the moon, why can’t they control the sun as well? ‘warrior ancestors looking out for us’ my tail. what they should be looking out for is a stick-” his words cut off as a nearby warrior gives him a heavy glare. right. oakclan has kits now. hurray. greyears glares back at the cat before he rests his chin on his paws and closes his eyes. ”enjoy the sun while it lasts, greyears. they might just kill you before you see it again.” he growls to himself, tail flicking in annoyance. they were doing it right now, even. it hasn’t been that long since greyears had first emerged from inside of the den, but he hadn’t made the trick towards the kill pile. getting to where he was now was already enough stress on his joints. the old cat’s stomach let out a low growl, followed by a louder one deep in his throat. ”all these apprentices and not one of them can remember to feed a pile of bones. mighty ‘warriors’ you’ll all be!” greyears ends his rambles for now, once more projecting his voice throughout the camp for everybody in particular to hear.

good morning oakclan!

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Post by KingHarry on Sept 20, 2021 12:27:17 GMT

It was not uncommon to hear the ever grumbling tone of Greyears radiating out of camp. For one so old, the elder's voice certainly still packed a punch. In a way, it was almost admirable - the old tom wasn't going to let the world beat him down, even if it was now full of aches and pains. Moorwhisker hoped that he'd be the same if he managed to make it to retirement age (albeit, perhaps with a fewer yowled complaints).

Today, Greyears seemed to be complaining about a lack of food. How lucky for him, then, that Moorwhisker was returning from a solo hunting trip, a rather juicy looking mouse carried between his teeth. Nobody else seemed to be attending to the elder and so, instead of taking the mouse to the fresh-kill pile, he brought it straight over to the other tom.

"Here, A'm sure this will dae ye," Moorwhisker said as he dropped his kill by Greyear's feet. "Let me know gin the apprentices continue tae forget ye, aye? A'll skelp Mistpaw's ears tae remind him ye exist gin A neit tae." His words were said with humour, but there was some truth to them. One of the apprentice duties was to look after the elders; if they were honestly forgetting that (which Moorwhisker doubted was the case, but it was best to keep the old bag of bones that was Greyears happy whenever possible) then they needed a little reminder.

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