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Hippity Hoppity coming for your property

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Post by Kazuko on Aug 19, 2021 22:39:42 GMT

Crimsonpaw was up bright and early, but not for a patrol, for once. Honestly, he could bully his way out of patrols if he wanted. Cherryheart was a pushover, and hardly any more strict than Sedgestream had been. If he really tried, he could do whatever he wanted. Cherryheart wouldn't be able to stop him, and neither could some piddly chores. They never took long, if he was forced into doing them anyway.

This morning, though, he wasn't alone.

"Okay..." Crimsonpaw leaned close to his sister's ear, sat next to him, barely stifling a giggle as he whispered, "Sundance is just getting up. I'll go round the other side of the den and when we see him get up, pull the vine tight, okay?" Crimsonpaw looked down at the small ivy strand that he had picked up from the Oak-Night border the previous day. It had been his idea to use it as a tripwire to make Sundance trip over in the morning. That cat took so much pride in their appearance, that sending them face-down into the ground after they had no doubt groomed... that would be hilarious! Smirking, Crimsonpaw grabbed his end of the vine and quickly darted to the other side of the den entrance, crouching with his eyes fixed on the entrance of said den. This ought to be good!
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Post by Tactical on Aug 19, 2021 23:32:57 GMT

Irispaw scoffed slightly, if she hadn't mentioned the large vine near the bridge they wouldn't be here causing a ruckus. So really she should get the credit. The gray she-cat had been slightly disappointed when Cinderstorm mentioned it would be a rest day, she wouldn't be Oakclan's best warrior with rest days that was for certain. She gave a large stretch before non chalantly trotting to the vine and gripping it in her teeth. She gave a slight tug to make sure it wouldn't rip prior. "Only this one time Crimsonpaw because honestly I have better things to do." There was a tartness to her tone.

Her brother was so often bickering or causing trouble within the camp walls. She certainly was no StarClan angel herself but at least she had passion for being a warrior rather than pranks and jokes. In The large she-cat huffed, slightly annoyed that this little joke of his was taking longer than her patience allowed. "Are you sure Sundance is coming?" She mewed. "All I can taste in my mouth is Nightclan swamp.." She snorted slightly peering into the den. Was sundance even in there?

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Post by dofferz on Aug 20, 2021 21:10:26 GMT

sundance was absolutely in there, and chances were they were in the process of doing exactly what the two young apprentices was expecting right about now. sundance was relatively well kbown throughout camp to take great pride in appearances. at least twice a day, the golden cat would settle down and take the time to give himself a full wash over; like right now, for instance. a rough tongue ran along the length of his leg, flattening down unruly tufts and chewing out the knots and debris that had been picked up from the nest during the night's sleep. the sun was up outside, and they were hoping to finish up quickly in order to grab a bite to eat before all the good stuff was taken. "almost there.." the thought danced at the front of the warrior's mind. just because they liked to look the part didn't mean that grooming was fun to do. in fact, it got old extremely quickly... and so it was a relief when the last patch was smoothed out and ready to go. 

as sundance took a step out of their nest, something in camp caught their attention; "no way!" the cat hissed under their breath. someone else was making their way over to the fresh-kill pile right now, and he could see clear as day the bird that he wanted to sink his teeth into. quite desperately, sundance would pick up a quick bolt, hoping to reach the kill pile before the other, unable to take the potential risk that the clanmate take that piece that sundance wanted so desperately for himself. and perhaps he would of made it- if it weren't for those meddling kids. it was the second that feet breached the warrior's den that they became snagged on an invisible object, sending the warrior flying chin down onto the ground with a surprised yelp as he ate dirt. 

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Hippity Hoppity coming for your property

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Post by Kazuko on Aug 24, 2021 20:34:06 GMT

"Pff-Phahahahahaah!" As soon as Sundance faceplanted into the mud, Crimsonpaw lost his grip on the vine, letting it ping back towards Irispaw, before his front legs gave out and he rolled onto his back, front paw wrapped around his chest as his body spasmed with laughter, tears in the corner of his eyes. That was amazing! It had gone exactly had hoped, too, and to the correct cat!

"Hah - Irispaw! Did - di'ya see that?" Crimsonpaw scrambled to his paws, dirt and mud lightly coating his fur, dodging around Sundance (deftly avoiding his head, in the case that Sundance was getting up and could have lashed out, because that would certainly cut celebrations short) and rushing over to his sister, skidding to a stop besides her while still laughing, "He- haha - he fell! Just - c'mon, that was great!"

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