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Post by Kazuko on Aug 24, 2021 20:24:25 GMT


Crimsonpaw had been at the front of the pack as Foxstar led them down towards the plateau. Last here?! That hardly made a good impression! They were here earlier last time, at Crimsonpaw's first gathering. At least this wasn't his first gathering. He wouldn't have let Foxstar arrive late! There was no way he would have stood for it, without a doubt. Holding his head high as the clan entered the plateau, Crimsonpaw chuckled to himself before following, tail waving in the air. His first line of business was to find someone to talk to - but that didn't turn out to be hard at all. A smarmy comment from a DawnClan apprentice caught Crimsonpaw's ears, and he glanced other with whiskers twitching.

What'er you staring at?

"Probably envisioning how easy it would be to take you down in a fight!" Crimsonpaw jeered as he padded over, lifting his paw and giving Badgerpaw a friendly cuff over the head, not hard enough to be seen as violent or intentionally aggressive, "I bet I could snap you like a twig!"

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Mothmaw | DawnClan

"You're supposed to wait patiently. It's a lesson you'd do well to learn, Badgerpaw. Not all tactics are about swinging your claws, you know." The other would learn that with time, though. He was young; he still needed to get the desire to scrap all the time out of his system. Once that was done, then perhaps he would settle down and actually consider battle tactics. That was what had happened with Mothmaw, after all.

"Now, remember what I said yesterday," the hairy tom then instructed. "We cannot let the wrong cats know about this idea of an unofficial gathering to have organised fights with one another. Only mention it to cats that seem as though they can be trusted not to snitch on us. If we get caught because you talk to some chatterbox apprentice, I'll shred your ears in our nice training session." That was not an empty threat either. Mothmaw trained his apprentices hard, and if one got hurt in the process? So be it. It would be the first time he sent one to the medicine cat.

Before he could say anymore, a ginger apprentice came over and began to tease Badgerpaw. Mothmaw looked at the tom with distaste, ready to verbally reprimand him, before his eyes were caught by the appearance of Crowdance of NightClan. Ah! Now, that was certainly a cat that would be interesting in his little idea...

"You can deal with this OakClan runt, Badgerpaw," Mothmaw stated before stalking away - ensuring that he gave the ginger tom a good shove with his body as he walked past him. 

The huge warrior then made his way over to Crowdance. The other was not a cat that he knew particularly well, but he knew enough to suspect that he would be open to a little 'friendly' fighting. Rather unceremoniously, Mothmaw sat down next to him, grumpily pushed a little of his fur from out of his eyes with one paw, and then fixed his gaze on the other warrior. "How good are you at training apprentices, Crowdance?" He asked, straight to business. Small talk never had been, and never would be, one of the tom's great skills.

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He would have gladly chewed the ear off of the other apprentice for talking back; a good little clamp on Beepaw's ears - but he was aware of Mothmaw close beside him. His mentor had told his plans...and he knew that he played a part in it too - but at the same point it was hard to keep his tongue to himself even when a few plans depended on it. 

"Well then you might want to be careful about that - and maybe if Nightclan weren't slow as frozen turtles, you might have shown up on time. Then again, it's not like your leader even looks like they can walk properly..." He sneered - although he wasn't the only cat to break into the conversation.

The second was a rather outrageous looking fellow - red as a beacon and completely useless for keeping hidden, as far as he was concerned. But they seemed able to get things on edge just fine, his claws dug into the dirt, aching for a fight, before Mothmaw seemed to caution him.

That's right - a mission. But it seemed like this red-headed idiot was just a blip in his radar. A runt. A fool. He didn't even know who he was messing with - and it was Badgerpaw who'd have to teach him as Mothmaw sauntered away with just a little caution.

His mentor might have scared a few others, but...it was a point of honor that he'd gotten one of his warrior's strong cats.

"Big words for a cat who probably couldn't even catch his own tail." He sneered, as Crimsonpaw must have been recovering from being shunted aside from his mentor. That little shove bolstered his confidence to bigger measures - a truly dangerous undertaking. His dark fur surrounding the lighter patch of his face might have made him look like a nimnulous cloud, but he was hardly sweet and fluffy. "Who are you, anyways - we all thought that Oakclan would be...too busy sharing berries and nuts with the squirrels to even bother showing up to a meeting with proper clan cats."



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Gathering time again. Wolfthroat doesn’t have a strong opinion upon the gathering in concept, though she really does not like to be thrust in the middle of her enemies and made to get along. She supposes it’s one of those things that’s better on paper than in execution. Wolfthroat generally prefers to volunteer to stay behind (the one time she doesn’t have to make herself volunteer for something), but she’s tagged along for Beepaw. Ah, well. If things get dull, she can always people-watch.
Her next problem arises in that Wolfthroat has no where to sit. She’s a little tired after having walked all this way, and she’s sure that this could be a wonderful opportunity to size up a potential opponent. Dark eyes scan the clearing until settling on a molly off by herself; somewhere does Wolfthroat know her as Dawnclan’s deputy but she does not let outward distaste show. With confidence in her step does Wolfthroat approach Tigertuft (), a smile slapped upon her face (god, why is she putting herself in this situation). “Need someone to sit with?” Wolfthroat will ask - but it’s more of a formality as she does so anyway. Tail sweeping over her front paws, Wolfthroat keeps her eyes trained upon Tigertuft in an inquisitive manner. “Wolfthroat, Nightclan. You’re Dawnclan’s deputy, right? Great to meet you.” Yeah, yeah. Whatever.
Next does she aim to spot Beepaw in the crowd. Generally, Wolfthroat would loathe having someone to watch over, but (to her surprise) she finds herself enjoying apprenticing Beepaw. She reminds her of herself in ways. But, ah… There she is, with some Dawnclan apprentice (again, Wolfthroat is feeling like she sees so much of herself mirrored in Beepaw - always unintentional). Wolfthroat allows herself a small sigh (relief?) before redirecting attention back to her conversational mate. “For formality’s sake, how have you been, Tigertuft?”

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Magpiesight | NightClan Warrior

Gatherings were nothing new to her. The multitude of cats, the mix of different scents and the sight of all three clans gathered in one place didn't awe or excite her as it had when she was an apprentice. Instead, it brought curiosity as she thought about how the events of the recent moons would change things. Given the tensions between her clan and OakClan, the calico was fully expecting tonight to be eventful.

Hearing her leader's words, she perked her ears. Find out what DawnClan is up to? That would be fairly easy, as her natural habit was to simply observe and listen quietly. Perhaps she might catch some interesting conversation tonight.

Watching as Eveningstar joined Spiderstar on the fallen pine, the NightClan warrior turned her attention to the other cats around her. DawnClan cats were naturally large, making it easy for her to identify them in the crowd. OakClan joined them shortly after, and she could already hear chatter around the clearing. Padding carefully through the crowd in order to avoid stepping on anyone's tails, Magpiesight settled herself near a group of DawnClan cats and sat, politely nodding to those around her in greeting. Curling her tail around her paws, she waited patiently for the leaders to begin the announcements, and kept her ears perked, ready to catch some interesting pieces of news if she heard any.

She would rather there not be any fighting tonight, as it was a full moon, and that meant it was a night of peace between the Clans. But only time would tell whether the peace would last.

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she/her • dawnclan warrior

The clowder of cats was all a-buzz with energy as warriors and apprentices of the three clans flitted from place to place, eager to find friends and rivals as if the moon showing high above was counting down their time spent there. Which I suppose is true. Regardless, Bellwing found herself contently settled by a cluster of her clanmates along with a few stragglers from OakClan and NightClan. To those already situated, she gave a little nod with a smile and relaxed against the cool earth.

Only a short while later did a colorful calico coat catch her eye as a NightClan warrior took a seat nearby. The NightClanner gave a polite nod before curling her tail around her paws, to which the tall DawnClan queen mirrored in kind. With her cornflower eyes moving to where Magpiesight’s gaze settled, the blue tabby gently mewed, ”Promising weather tonight. Here’s hoping it leads to a smooth assembly, hm?” With a congenial sway of her tail and her blue eyes focused on the calico now instead, Bellwing continued more casually, ”I hope prey has been running well in NightClan. Eveningstar appears hale as ever.” After all, despite the rumors of a battle on the whispers of each hushed cat nearby, the leaders did well to keep up the facade as the three traded formalities out of earshot.

notes:: don't mind her, bell's just a friendly lady

he/him • nightclan warrior

Redfang had little luck in spotting his sister’s flashy pelt from where he found a comfortable spot, but allowed his concerns to fade; after all, she was always getting into trouble. At least there were dozens of eyes to witness if things got too out of paw. For now, he would just try to relax. There was comfort in seeing a clanmate here and there as they idly went about their business.

Letting a trapped breath finally exhale deeply, the ruddy tabby flicked his gaze from where it had paused momentarily on the leaders to look around himself again. He focused on a familiar dark pelt as Crowdance settled nearby. His normally vocal clanmate seemed a bit more restrained this evening and it prompted the slightest of head tilts from Redfang, though he pressed it no more. He understood the weight settled on his clanmates’ backs; for StarClan’s sake, he was a perfect example! Tip-toeing on eggshells wasn’t in his nature, and yet he walked around with his tail coiled as if it could be seen as an excuse for OakClan to behave rashly. With a soft grumble, the grey-brown tabby rested his chin on top of his paws and yawned. Amber eyes flicking back to Crowdance, the younger warrior meowed in a low, yet nonchalant voice, ”What’d you think is gonna happen tonight? Do you think Foxstar will say anything, or try to save face?”

notes:: hope you don't mind ^^'

he/him • oakclan warrior

A couple of low hisses rose up in surprise as strangers pulled in their tails to further avoid the cheery voice that erupted over the crowd. Thistlemint simply watched in mild astonishment, shaking his head with an airy sigh of exasperation as he knew exactly who was barging her way through. He seemed to think to himself for a moment before groaning as he got to his paws, briskly trotting over to where the tabby warrior continued plodding on. With the quickness of a snake or of a hawk-eyed Nursery queen, the young harlequin warrior grabbed Wildfrog’s scruff and pulled her back with a small tug. ”Woah there,” he snapped in a muffled voice as he continued tugging his clanmate back a few steps and out of the immediate danger of trampled warriors.

Releasing her, the sleek-furred tom bristled for a second as he blurted, ”What are you even doing? You’re gonna get kicked out before you can even get a taste.” He seemed to mellow out a bit, having settled on a slightly less annoyed tone as he looked at the queen with a furrowed brow. However, the expression quickly slipped into a dark smirk and one of knowing as Thistlemint leaned in before adding softly, ”I’ve heard it through the grapevine that when fishing, it is the clever cat that gets fed.” His mint eyes floated over to the pawful of NightClan and DawnClan cats within earshot that went about their chatting, none-the-wiser to his eavesdropping. Widening his sneer to a cherish grin, the smooth OakClan youth playfully purred to his clanmate, ”How’s about we see what we can catch here, hm?”

notes:: hope this wasn't too much. i figured they probably ran in the same circles in camp as socialites

she/her • nightclan warrior

To say the she-cat was having trouble finding her dirty little secret would be an understatement; even with all the cats there, Pinkfish was keenly good with her nose and she knew that Driftstorm’s scent was among the rest present, but where? It was as if he were avoiding her; had he just been some fair-weather friend? Somehow that didn’t feel quite right, so the ruddy tabby shook it from her thoughts. Rather, she let it fuel her determination as she moved with more purpose to find her prey. The concept nearly had her laughing out loud at the thought- such an inside joke was something to treasure, no matter how silly. It was the little things like that which made her life so much more.

As she skirted the edge of the largest crowd, the she-cat blinked in surprise to see a familiar, yet equally unfamiliar small body sitting by himself. Pinkfish arched a brow as she studied Antpaw as he groomed himself- was something wrong? It seemed unusual for an apprentice to want to keep to themselves, especially one as fresh as the young tabby, at a Gathering and it had the warrior’s interest piqued. Deciding she could let Driftstorm wait a while as he seemed to be doing to her, the NightClan warrior approached with a light wave of her tail.

Cocking her head to one side, Pinkfish’s chartreuse gaze flashed with a challenging glow as she mewed jokingly, ”Too worried about how you look to jump into it all?” She came to sit next to the smaller tabby, curious enough that recon shifted to the back of her mind in order to hear what his reasoning could be.

notes::  interesting combo of characters. wonder how they'll get along?

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a familiar feeling from when she was a kit, the sharp feeling of a pair of teeth grabbing her scruff shocked her as she was dragged away. "hey! watch the fur! i just groomed..." she pouted, whipping around to see her younger clan mate, thistlemint. "oh, hi thistlemint! it's nice to see you! congrats again on becoming a warrior! has it really been a moon already? gosh, i remember when i became a warrior. let's see that was hmm, let's see, a few moons ago! but don't worry, i'm not one of those stuck up older warriors like mothmaw! you can come to me for any and all advice, trust me!" she rambled on and on and on... until she realized he was trying to talk. her face dropped into a bored expression as he nagged on her about shoving the other cats. "woopsie. my bad." she rolled her eyes. "maybe they shouldn't be in my way then." wildfrog shrugged and let out a mischievous giggle and turned her face to the crowd.

i’ve heard it through the grapevine that when fishing, it is the clever cat that gets fed, her clan mate purred. "ooh, ooh, ooh! i went fishing a couple sun highs ago and caught this massive bass. it was quite bassive! hahahaha! okay okay okay. what are you saying?" she mrowled, quite confused. she watched as his gaze scanned the gathering around them and then gave her a cunning smile. "oooohhh! i see what you're saying! we can eavesdrop on the other clans if we're quiet! got it. thanks, thistlemint!" her tail wagged back and forth with glee. unbeknownst to her, she was really not using this new-found advice too well.

did the gathering usually take this long to start? he thought to himself, flicking his tail tip with impatience. he wanted this to be over so he could go back and sleep before training with batstrike in the morning. before long, a familiar reddish cat approached him with a wave of a tail. it was pinkfish, his fellow clan mate. she was an apprentice while he was in the nursery. too worried about how you look to jump into it all? she mused. he turned his gaze to her, nodded a "hello", and looked aimlessly towards the crowd. "actually, quite the opposite. there's too many cats here. it's really loud. if i had known this is what a gathering was like, i wouldn't have come." he paused and shuffled his paws. "but... it might be interesting to see what oakclan... dawnclan, too, have going on." he gave his clan mate a look, because she knew about the bridge fight just as well as he did.

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Ivyspar sat among his clanmates with boredom. Honestly, he would have rather stay at the camp to lay in his nest, and probably take a nap or two. He wasn't fond of these large group activities, but datherings always provided him with useful information. Plus there was a few cats he wanted to talk to.

Based on the tense air between OakClan and NightClan it wasn't hard to tell, the two clans fought again, probably because of that bridge that connected the two. It was rather amusing really, seeing the cold glares and sharp looks OakClan and NightClan cats give to each other.

Ivyspark looked at his apprentice from the corner of his eyes. Sunnypaw has been his apprentice for 2 moons now, and the young tom’s overachiving personality was something Ivyspark both liked and found easy to work with. The warrior had many apprentices under his paws, and some of them had the lack of desire to prove themselves. Those mentorships were quite challenging, and frustrating.

Sunnypaw has his own share of flaws of course. His nervous nature can irritate Ivyspark beyond anything, and the fact that the young apprentice was babied by his mother for so long wasn't helping the situation either.

Ivyspark frowned. He has to make Sunnypaw tougher, for his own sake.

But how?

He scanned the crowd and found Mothmaw. Ivyspark noticed that the big warrior had something on his mind lately, but it didn't bother him enough to ask. At this point he saw a few mentors talking to the warrior, and he got curious.

" Wait here. I need to chek something." He meowed to Sunnypaw calmly and got up.

He quickly paded over to his clanmate and sat down beside him.

"Did you hear anything interesting?" He asked, his ears twitching as he tried to catch glimpses from the other conversations.

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Magpiesight | NightClan Warrior

Her eyes caught sight of a pretty blue DawnClan she-cat who nodded to her. She didn’t recall meeting her before at a previous Gathering. The DawnClan cat was a bit taller than her, and she had to tilt her head up to look the other in the eyes. Looking her up and down, the NightClan warrior felt a small streak of envy run through her. How did she keep her fur so well groomed? Her own calico fur was always a mess, no matter how much she fussed over it. It was infuriating.

”Promising weather tonight. Here’s hoping it leads to a smooth assembly, hm?“

The calico nodded in agreement, the edge of her mouth curling into a small smile as she glanced up at the night sky for a moment. It really was a nice night for a Gathering. Besides the fog covering the ground and the humidity, the sky was clear of any clouds. Silverpelt shone down on them, twinkling in the night, and the moon was bright as ever. ”I hope so.”. She mused softly. They certainly didn’t need any excitement tonight.

At the other’s next comment, Magpiesight shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. ”It’s running as well as any other clan’s, I suppose.”

The warrior fell silent for a few moments, before realizing that she hadn’t introduced herself yet. ”Magpiesight.” She gestured to herself with her tail. ”My name’s Magpiesight. You are?”

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he/him ☼ nightclan warrior

crowdance couldn't help but keep his guard up as he listened to the vast conversations of the other felines around him, ears pricked as he tried to make out the voices of the three leaders, he could recognise warriors from all three of the clans there, so he knew that they had all arrived and that the big discussions were going to begin soon. thus, he was unusually startled when he was approached by mothmaw- a large dawnclan tom who he knew somewhat well from having seen him at previous gatherings. "hello, handso-" crowdance began to greet him, attempting to keep his voice relaxed as his eyes flickered to a group of oakclan warriors nearby, yet was quickly interrupted by mothmaw's unceremonious statement. "you know me, mothmaw, i'm the best at training apprentices," he grinned proudly, managing to stifle any stress that may be heard in his voice, "name one bad warrior i've trained, i'll wait," he laughed.

yet, his playful laughter did not last long as he was approached by redfang, one of nightclan's youngest warriors, and reminded once again that their most recent battle with oakclan was about to be discussed, "i think foxstar is going to have to be really careful not to get mauled," he noted, tone now much more serious as he quickly glanced between the two toms, his facial expression letting them know that he was being serious. crowdance would do anything for his clan to be strong, and if that meant abandoning the warrior code and initiating an attack at a gathering, so be it.

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Frostbite: Med Cat: Dawnclan 

The white she cat padded after leader and listened to her words very carefully. Frostbite was known to really keep to herself and just watch everyone else and pick up on what she could. She wasn't a cat to share secrets let alone to share anything. Padding after her leader she watched her clan break up and go other places. Frostbite watched her leader and no soon after they arrived Spiderstar was already sharing words with Nightclans leader. Green eyes scanned and saw the place was getting bigger and bigger with more cats. Frostbite decided then to make her own spot and wrap her tail around her front paws. Ears moved in every direction with her eyes trying to see if she was able to pick up anything unusual talking wise between clans. Still she was on edge and her guard was up. Frostbite trusted no one from outside her clan.
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If she rolled her eyes any harder, they might have popped out of her skull. As it stood, the apprentice barely kept her pelt from fluffing up in front of Badgerpaw. There was a surface level irritation, sure, but the restlessness she could feel buzzing in her paws was almost gleeful. The Nightclan apprentice thrived on conflict and rivalries, and even facing an apprentice that nearly towered over her wasn't enough to dampen her glee. When Badgerpaw responded - well then, you might want to be careful about that ... - she opened her mouth to talk back (the comment about her leader felt sharper to her than the rest of the conversation), and only managed an intake of breath before Crimsonpaw joined in their conversation. Beepaw wasn't quick enough to keep the pout off her face, her black nose scrunching as frustration did a perfunctory lap around her thoughts. The interjection - probably envisioning how easy it would be to take you down in a fight! - pacified her, if only by virtue of inadvertently stoking her ego. I bet I could snap you like a twig!

"If you can get past all that fluff," she tilted her head towards Crimsonpaw as she piled on. She narrowed her eyes when she focused on the other apprentice, hesitant to offer something besides hostility or suspicion towards the Oakclanner. But ... under the truce, she was willing to push her luck vis-à-vis riling up other clans.

By this point, Beepaw had planted herself in the spot they'd congregated in. She raised her chin to meet the eyes of her conversational partners, settling into the familiarity of goading on others. These two wouldn't last a day as a Nightclan warrior! Still, when Badgerpaw started in on Crimsonpaw - who are you, anyways - the small apprentice nearly choked trying to stop the bark of laughter in the wake of the comments. Crimsonpaw's more relaxed interjection brought the hostility down a peg or two, though Beepaw wasn't dissuaded from goading the others on - "Hard to say who wins that fight - slowpoke or tree-hugger?"

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tigertuft is somewhat surprised to be approached so suddenly. especially by someone that she is not familiar with. in fact, she is unsure if she has even seen this cat around before. even if she did not know them, the tabby tended to recognize at least some of the unfamiliar faces from previous gatherings. this one does not ring a bell. "Need someone to sit with?" the girl does not even have the chance to respond before the cat settles down beside her. what was the point of asking? the thought pops in her head, but she does not voice it; she doesn't even mind at all. "thats me," she answers, still a little unfamiliar with the idea of others knowing who she was without always knowing who they were. "though i'm sure you really mean it." tigertuft speaks, voice growing somewhat skeptical (though unbothered, hardly serious) as the stranger acknowledges their meeting. it hardly seems genuine and more forced chatter. pushing the necessary formalities out of the way.

tigertuft pauses for a moment, mulling over the question in her head. tired. stressed. sometimes rather overwhelmed.. none of which she would be openly honest about, especially under the kindness of a temporary truce. by the looks of it, there was still some time before the leaders began to speak. "been waking up in the mornings." she decides. better than responding with the usual "good, how about you?" default. instead, she responds further with her own inquiry. "i've not seen you around here before. not a fan?" she tips her head slightly, wrapping her tail around her paws. most cats seemed to look forwards to gatherings--or at least treated them with indifference. she herself was now forced to attend. 

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Mothmaw | DawnClan

By StarClan, did cats these days have no concept of manners? Mothmaw knew that he was hardly the most pleasant cat himself, but he at least had the common decency to not barge right into another cat's conversation. He couldn't even complain that it was a NightClan specific issue too because, right after Redfang interrupted, Ivyspark also came over and just added himself into the little group that was forming!

Oh well. Though the hairy tom glared at them both (the effect of this look debatable, considering the mess of hair that fell over his eyes), he did have to admit that at least they could be useful. After all, he did need other cats in order to get this idea of his off the ground.

"I was about to say something interesting, Ivyspark," he correct, before turning his attention back to the group as a whole - looking to Crowdance, Redfang, and Ivyspark in turn. 

"Listen, I have an idea. How many of you have apprentices that are far too keen to fight? Because I certainly do, and I want to give Badgerpaw a taste of what it's actually like to fight the enemy. My proposal is this: a secret gathering in while select warriors from all three clans bring apprentices - not necessarily their own - and, under our watchful eyes, they fight each other to not only gain valuable skills, but also prove which clan - and which apprentice - is the best at fighting once and for all." Mothmaw's voice was hushed and conspiratorial, very aware that if he were to be overheard by the wrong cat, he could get into a lot of trouble for his idea.

"What do you think? If we all invite warriors that we believe can keep a secret, then I think it could be a very interesting event."


Paletongue | NightClan

The medicine cat of NightCan was not known for being a particularly social cat. Paletongue was, by all accounts, a miserable tom that disliked socialising with others. The reason for this was not particularly clear - many assuming that the tom simply had a bad personality - but, in reality, he couldn't stand the reminder of what he was not. All the warriors swanning about, they only served to point out his own flaws to him, whether they meant to or not.

But, despite this, as the medicine cat, he was required to attend the gathering, and so attend he did. As NightClan entered the area, the tom silently took himself to one side and sat himself down in an isolated corner. This was not uncommon for him. In fact, it was what he did every single gathering. If another cat wished to speak with him, he was there. If not, he as more than content to sit alone and sulk.
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Oh, Tigertuft is out to give her a hard time, alright. Though Wolfthroat loves to butt heads, she isn’t sure if she’s chosen the proper outfitting. Wolfthroat? Not serious, no meaning to her words? Oh heavens, never! She’ll have to watch her tongue, and by goodness does she loathe it. A Gathering without a peace truce would be fun, an amused twitch of her whiskers to accompany the thought.
But Tigertuft draws her attention back to the present, a particular muse on her meow that Wolfthroat finds herself agreeing with. Tigertuft is a little flat in her speech, so Wolfthroat can’t pick out the joke if she intends it. She smirks at the remark all the same, showing amusement. But no, no: “Not really. I usually stay behind and keep watch.” The tip of her fluffy tail flicks towards the direction of Beepaw and a handful of other Dawnclan cats, as Wolfthroat’s gaze flits back to them. She notices Beepaw’s fur bristle ever so slightly, caught up in the typical apprentice-age arguments of “my clan is better!” “That’s my apprentice,” Wolfthroat begins, stopping herself short of saying Beepaw’s name. (She deems it not situationally important, but would introduce her if she came bounding over.) ”I tag along for her, at least until she tells me to cut it out.”

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[ Alerts ]
●︎ Clans are reforming and are on high alert
●︎ The high water from melting has created a super green environment. Prey is rather plentiful
●︎ Water levels appear to be rising due the melting snow in Dawnclan
●︎ Weather is very warm, the snow and ice in Dawnclan is melting!
[ Rank Changes ]
●︎ A leader for Nightclan has been chosen! Congrats Skystar!
●︎ Thistletea has been appointed medicine cat of Oakclan

[ Deaths ]


[ Weather Status ]
The air is warm and and wet making it a bit hard to breathe. The hot weather is causing the snow to melt in Dawnclan territory. This is causing water levels to rise.

[ Prey Status ]
Prey is plentiful in all clans!

[ Herb Status ]
The rising water has hidden some herbs in Oakclan and Nightclan but water thriving plants seem to be growing in high abudance!


Leader: Silverbane
Deputy: Reserved (Ameri)
Medicine Cat: Frostbite
Toms: 0 She-cats: 0 Other: 0

Dawnclan Allegiances

Leader: Reserved (Kaz)
Deputy: Reserved (Wolfpool)
Medicine Cat: Thistletea
Toms: 1 She-cats: 0 Other: 0

Oakclan Allegiances

Leader: Skystar
Deputy: Reserved (smith)
Medicine Cat:Reserved (fireflake)
Toms: 1 She-cats: 0 Other: 1

Nightclan Allegiances

Rogues: Toms: 2 She-cats: 0 Other: 1
Loners: Toms: 0 She-cats: 0
Kittypets: Toms: 0 She-cats: 0

Outsider Allegiances


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