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Hippity Hoppity coming for your property

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Post by Kazuko on Aug 13, 2021 18:56:39 GMT


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Good god, responsibilities were tiring. With a yawn, Spiderstar stretched her back out into a curve, tail twitching slightly. She had just made sure the patrols had gone out as Tigertuft had planned, and now she had the evening free after training Slugpaw. Somehow, it didn't seem quite right, the tiredness that came with leadership. She did more when she was Dawnstar's deputy, yet she was even more tired now. Maybe it's training Slugpaw... - no, the scamp was too nice for that.

Padding into the warriors den, Spiderstar pricked her ears as she spotted two familiar shapes, and quickly trotted over with her tail waving high in the air.
"Hi - mind a third set of eyes and ears?" Spiderstar spoke, settling down besides Tigertuft, purring.

Note: Mothmaw can join if Harry wants to, and this is assuming Ospreysnow is present :)
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Post by dofferz on Aug 18, 2021 0:09:10 GMT

tigertuft had just eaten something small for the evening, but instead of socializing in the camp clearing or going out for a late stroll, she had decided to give herself a bit of time inside of the den tonight. not that she didn't want to be out in the relaxing evening bustle of camp, but there were a few times that she wasn't in the mood to be around everybody. such as mentors returning with their apprentices, rowdy and boasting about who caught the better prey, or complaining about the everyday tasks of clan-life. she loved them all, but sometimes the silence and warmth of the den was a treat. and thus she lay, lightly relaxing as she groomed out some of the day's kinks from her pelt. though however, despite her retreat to the den to escape the bustle of camp light, tigertuft was not at all disappointed to see spiderstar emerging through the entrance. in fact, it took her by surprise. "spiderstar--of course not!" she states with a shocked yet welcoming smile, ceasing her grooming and sitting up in her nest to face the leader. her tail wraps around her paws and she adjusts herself slightly to allow the older cat some space when she sits down beside her. "what brings you? been moons since i've last seen you in here." she had only been a young warrior when spiderspirit became spiderstar, so her moving to the leader's den had never been something that tigertuft had to truly adapt to. however, seeing her back almost felt as if it had pushed her back in time. 

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Hippity Hoppity coming for your property

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Post by Kazuko on Sept 15, 2021 20:17:24 GMT

"Hey, I'm not that old." Spiderstar laughed lightly as she settled besides her deputy, "I like to come here and catch up from time to time, that's all. Also - it's a lot warmer in here." The she-cat admitted, tucking her front paws into her chest fur. That was something else she had been thinking of acting upon - the presence of the leader's den. Often, the she-cat found it far too cold to sleep in there, especially without a mate by her side any longer.... So, the she-cat had found it apt to put forth the idea that perhaps the leader can move to sleep in the warriors den. Even if she slept in the entrance, it would be warmer, unless the wind was blistering. The new use for her current den, though... that would have to be thought about somewhat.

"So what have I intruded upon here?"

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