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Breeding Rules and Information


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Breeding Rules and Guide

+ Both partners need to agree to agree to breed the two characters. 

+ Forbidden loves (e.g. cross clan relationships, stealing someone's mate, etc) are allowed but please note that it cause in character drama such as the stealing of kits, wars, etc.

+ Both cats must have been created over a week ago, and must have been written in three different threads in order to breed. This is to prevent people making characters only to breed them and then never touching them again. One line mentions do not count as a thread.

+ Both cats must have either been written in a thread with each other, or must be a pre-established couple.

+ Post a thread with both cats that wish to breed using the breeding template. Once the pairing is accepted, you will get a response saying the date that your kittens shall be born. Queens are pregnant for 30 days OOC.

+ The cat breeder randomizes your kits for you. If you do not like the random result, you may Kit Reroll once per kit. If you do not like random kits, you may purchase Custom Kit beforehand and decide what the kit looks like for yourself.

+ There are only so many slots per Month across all clans for breeding. In Leaf-Fall months (September-November ooc) There are two slots per month across all the clans. It is not two slots per month per clan, it's two slots TOTAL per month for all clans. In Leaf-Bare (December-February ooc) There is one slot per month. In New-Leaf (March-May ooc) There are Four Slots per month. In Green-Leaf (June-August) There are Three Slots per month.

+ There are only so many breeding slots per month. Each clan has one slot per month, and then additional slots are shared between all clans. For example. on September, if OakClan breed twice, then NightClan and DawnClan may only breed once because OakClan has used the additional slot.

Additional Slots:
Spring/Newleaf (March- May); 3
Summer/Greenleaf (June- August); 2
Autumn/Leaf-fall (September - November); 1
Winter/Leafbare (December - Febuary); 0

+ Once your kits have been rolled, you maybe adopt them out if you do not want to play them yourself. This can be done privately or on the adoptions more. More information here.
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Litter breeding is completely randomised. I do this using dice in a certain order.

A little dice terminology for anyone that needs it - d6 means a six-sided dice, d20 means a 20 sided dice, etc.

  • Number of kits. Roll one d6.
  • Gender of kits. Roll one d6. 1-3 = male, 4-6 = female.
  • If genetics can produce tortoiseshell, male tortoiseshell. Roll three d20s for each male kit. Positive if total is 4 or less. 0.05% chance (greater than real life).
  • Use genetics generator and other resources to find possible appearances. Translate possibilities into dice and roll.
  • Mutation. Roll three d20. Positive if total is 20 or less. 14.25% chance. If positive, roll one d6. 1 =  eyes/vision/ear mutation, 2 = colour mutation, 3 = tail mutation, 4 = fur mutation, 5 = tooth/muzzle mutation, 6 = claw/polydactyl/leg/other mutation. An other mutation can be anything that does not fit into the other categories and does particularly effect a cat's ability to be a warrior.
  • Disability. Roll three d20. Positive if total is 15 or less. 5.69% chance. If positive, roll three d20s. If greater than 20 (87.89% chance) = minor. If 20 or less (14.25% chance) = major. If 10 or less (1.5% chance) = deadly. Disabilities are defined as something that would make it harder for a cat to be a warrior. If your cat receives a deadly disability, they may survive for a while but they will ultimately die from it.
  • Traits from parents. Roll two d6. 1-4 = trait in order of listing on form, 5-6 = no trait. One dice for each parent. Traits overwrite other rolls. Each parent has a 66.67% chance of passing a trait on.
  • Stillborn. Roll three d20s. Positive if total is equal to or less than 15 + season modifier + age of mother modifier + any other modifiers. Modifiers below.
  • Death during childbirth? If yes to the possibility of death during childbirth, roll three d20s. Positive if total is equal to or less than the stillborn roll.

Stillborn Modifiers:
Spring/Newleaf (March- May); -2
Summer/Greenleaf (June- August); 0
Autumn/Leaf-fall (September - November); 2
Winter/Leafbare (December - February); 5

Age of Mother:
12 - 15 moons; 5 
16- 20  moons; 3 
21 - 25 moons; 1 
26 - 80 moons; 0 
81 - 90; moons 1 
91 - 100 moons; 3 
101+ moons; 5

Major/deadly disability parent: 5

The highest stillborn probability is a 12 - 15 or 101+ moon old mother in winter/leafbare, where both parents have a major/deadly disability. 15 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 35, thus the probability of a stillborn is 64.75%.

The lowest stillborn probability is a  26 - 80 moon old cat in spring/newleaf. 15 - 2 + 0 = 13, thus the probability of a stillborn is 3.58%.

If you do not like the outcome of your kit, you may purchase a kit reroll item in the shop that will allow one kit per item to be rerolled. Rerolls can only be applied once per kit; you cannot keep rerolling the same kit over and over.

If StarClan's Protection is applied, the kit does not receive a mutation or disability roll.

If Custom Kit is applied, the holder of the item may create the kit as they would with a brand new character. If they wish to give the character a mutation/disability, they must buy the item for it, even if a parent has the trait.

This method may change in the future. Any changes will be added to this method.
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Leader: Skystar
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Toms: 1 She-cats: 0 Other: 1

Nightclan Allegiances

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