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Post by Tactical on Jul 16, 2021 1:57:56 GMT

If you do not want to play any kits from your litter yourself, you may adopt them out on the adoptions board. Once you have made the adoptions post, you have two weeks to adopt out the kits. After two weeks, any kits not adopted will, unfortunately, either die or be retconned (decision up to player). We do not like doing this, but it is to ensure that there are no loose ends when it comes to kits. If you decide that your kits die, you are allowed to choose how it happens.

You may ask for an extension to this if you want, but please do not ask for one with every litter.

If you do adopt the kits out but they have not been fully created (not a WIP) within a week of that, you have permission to readopt the characters should you want to.

If a member goes inactive (two months of no activity) and one of their characters is your kit, you may readopt the kit. If the kit is no longer a kit, you will need permission from the inactive member to readopt them. E.g:

Member A has adopted Firekit. They go inactive. Member B may readopt Firekit to Member C.
Member A adopted Firekit a few months ago. Firekit is now Firepaw. Member A has gone inactive. Member B needs to get permission from A to readopt Firepaw to Member C.

In order to avoid having unadopted kits, we recommend ensuring that members would be interested in them
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