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Cold Eyes Across Camp [Open]


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Post by KingHarry on Jul 31, 2021 15:40:02 GMT

The sunlight flickered down between the thick trees that covered the majority of the swampy NightClan territory. While most cats would rejoice at this, Paletongue merely frowned and took a step back so that he would not be standing directly where it fell. The sun had a habit of hurting his skin and eyes. While he could stand in it for a short period of time, it was always best to escape into the shadows as quickly as possible lest he be plagued by scabbed over sunburnt skin for the next moon.

As he mentally cursed StarClan for the lack of clouds in the sky, the small medicine cat skulked over to the fresh-kill pile. He prodded the offerings there, assessing them for a moment, before finally selecting a mouse - scooping it up in his jaws and taking it back to the entrance to the medicine cat den. There, body partially obscured by the line of vines that fell in front of the den, he began to eat.

The problem with being a white cat - or, indeed, a cat with any light shade of pelt - was that when eating, any blood that spilled from the prey was a clear as day upon one's pelt. Paletongue did not mind this, though. He made no attempt to clean the splash of red from his lips and chin as he lay down and continued to eat, teeth cracking through the fragile bones of the dead mouse. His tail, hidden behind the vines, flicked back and forth as he occasionally glared at those milling about in the camp, almost daring them to attempt to disturb his meal.
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I have nothing to say.

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Post by ravenmist4 on Jul 31, 2021 23:21:33 GMT

Bounding into camp, Lilypaw mentally cursed herself for having waited so long to train. In a last-ditch effort to avoid the early-morning dew, and as a result, mud, getting caught in her fur again, she had decided to wait until after the first noon patrol to practice the small array of hunting crouches Duskracer had taught her. Just because the other apprentices took the respite to eat and socialize didn't mean she had to, after all.

That thinking led to her mousebrained mistake. Her ears and nose burned from the harsh sunlight, and she prayed that the redness would simply blend into the pink underneath her fur. Hopefully her mentor wouldn't notice; the last thing she wanted was for her to think she was some sort of forgetful kit.

Tail lashing in annoyance, Lilypaw's eyes caught sight of the fresh-kill pile-- and next to it, a lanky tom with identical fur to hers. Paletongue!

Pace increasing to meet him at his den, she skipped to a stop directly next to the prey before grabbing a small bird and continuing towards him.

Pointedly annoying his hostile gaze (he was likely directing it towards their more incompetent clanmates, not her, she told herself), Lilypaw gingerly sat a few tail-lengths away from his resting spot before resting her prey at her paws.

"Hello, Paletongue." She mewed, standing straight in hopes of looking as though she had grown from the last time he saw her.


I have nothing to say.

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Post by KingHarry on Aug 13, 2021 17:32:48 GMT

There was no point to siblings. Their sense of entitlement to chat was irritating, and Paletongue had very little time for it. Of course, it did not help that he generally felt hostile toward Lilypaw even when she wasn't interacting with him. The medicine cat was, to put it simply, jealous. Why should Lilypaw be a warrior when he could not be? She too was small and had issues spending time in the sun, no? The only difference between them was that of their lineage. The only conclusion that Paletongue had managed to come to was that her father, Crowdance, had put a good word in for her and, through that, had manipulated Eveningstar into giving her a chance as a warrior. It was unfair and it was highly unlikely that he would stop being resentful of that at any point soon, if ever at all.

It was best not to fight in the middle of camp, though - especially not now that he was no longer an apprentice. Eveningstar would disapprove of such childish behaviour, and Paletongue dreaded disappointing his leader. So, instead of snapping at the young cat as he wished he could, he turned his cold glare to her and forced himself to be polite.

"Hello, Lilypaw," the tom responded. "The sun, it seems, had decided to come out today. That must make it a good day for training, no? You must be terribly busy." His words were an attempt to subtly convince the other to go away but, to be quite frank, he doubted that it would work. Lilypaw, he had noticed over the moons, seemed quite adamant when it came to attempting to get her brother's attention.
DawnClan: Mothmaw
OakClan: Blackheart, Moorwhisker
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Post by ravenmist4 on Sept 1, 2021 8:03:19 GMT

His mere suggestion made her even further aware of the throbbing pain, as she heavily attempted to ignore it. As much relief as he might be able to give her through the use of his herbs and knowledge, she wasn't a weakling, and she was positive the other apprentices would need them more than her at one point or another. Their mousebrained selves would have gotten eaten by a lizard monster in barely a moon's time if their mentors weren't so vigilant.

The only thing that burnt more than her marks from the sun was the blush that spread underneath her short fur at his remark. Surely, Paletongue meant nothing by it, but it was true she was wasting time every moment she idled instead of finding a shaded place to continue training to the best of her abilities. Did he think she was lazy?

"I am, yes. I just came back from training, and I had hoped to speak with you." Her meow made a sorry attempt at mimicking his own sharp and concise way of speech. "Do you know of any herbs to... aid with training? I know we're low on store, so I understand if not, but..." Her fur prickled at the prospect of admitting to her own folly, and she willed him to understand the meaning of her question. "It would be quite helpful." She stared down at her paws, bright pink pads peering through even the thick coat of dried mud.


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