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Atlantis The Lost City (A Unique POTC &Supernatural RPG)

Maria Angel

Post by Maria Angel on Apr 10, 2024 19:23:43 GMT

The year is present time 2024 "April. Dean Winchester and his brother Sam are back from Heaven after dying four years ago
God "Jack Winchester" has resurrected them to change their future to go back to the golden age of piracy 1714.
the time is in April 8th 1714.

Dean has to find his ancestor a pirate name "Jack Sparrow whom was an infamous Captain notorious and charming pirate
gentleman Jack's father Edward was the original Winchester because he had been born Edward James Winchester in 1660
in London England the founding father of the Men Of Letters.

His only son "Jack Winchester -Sparrow would carry on the legacy of this legend and the story tells that he found
the lost city Atlantis first among Pirates but had failed the journey and the troubled life he had led had taken the toll
that he never married but had one daughter Maria Angelina and a son named Jack Jr their mother was Angelica
Teach, the children were twins.

When Dean and Sam go back in time Dean find himself falling in love with Maria Angelina knowing she was
a distant cousin of his through three centuries cause his ancestor was her brother Jack Jr Winchester.

The meeting is going to change Deans and Sam lives forever and give them a new hope for a better one
to find the lost city of Atlantis with their infamous "Ancestor Captain Jack Sparrow Winchester.

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