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One line Description:: Small silver-blue moggie with feathery fur and orange eyes.

Descriptive Appearance:: A small yet compact cat, Carrot has a stockier frame than most would expect with wide paws and a burly chest.  Despite this, however, that isn't to say they are stout as the downiness of their pelt often takes up more space than necessary. With broad paws and a long, thick tail, Carrot doesn't need size to make themselves present in a situation.

Carrot's dark appears almost akin to the night sky, their mother told them, as the deeper hues of silver appear more blue in shade. Along with odd splashes of darker color along their body in spots, darker blue marks their scruff and topcoat, whilst a softer silver makes up their dense, feathery undercoat and colors large tufts around the base of their ears. And with large, gentle orange eyes, the moggie appears like a walking hug.

They usually keep the scent of bellflower and daisies upon their person when they can.

Genetic String:: ll XOY Bbl dd aa Ii CC wwg

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Brief Personality:: Charismatic, Gentle, Sentimental, Shameless, Defensive

Descriptive Personality:: Carrot is a beaming ray of sunshine no matter where they pass through. Charismatic as they come, they are quick to make friends with others even without attempting to. It is almost as if they simply draw those of like-mind to themselves like a magnet of positive vibes. Carrot delights in making pleasantries with those willing to share their time, though they usually stick to the more passive role. Offering the support only a friend could with a thoughtful ear and gentle words of encouragement or advice, Carrot strives to treat all those they encounter with the same tenderness. The world is far too cruel to strive for anything less as they had discovered. They claim to never know what one may be going through and endeavors to see the best in everyone.

Carrot is a very emotional cat. They wear their heart on their sleeve and it openly bleeds for others. They're the kind of cat to cry over another's woes after only hearing of it through rumor; it does not take proof or the like to convince them. Carrot takes things with emotional merits at face value and often is caught praying to Mother to save so and so or to bless this cat, or guide that cat. They’re moved to tears over even the most trivial of things, like a moth with a torn wing, because of the deep appreciation they have for the world around him. Some may think of them as too sentimental, but their mother had taught them that emotions were a powerful thing and should be proud of them. As such, Carrot openly weeps or emotes, unabashed, for the public to see. They are typically unbothered by how others perceive them when such occurs. Mild-mannered, Carrot was raised to roll with the blows the world threw; it is only when conflict arises around friends that Carrot cannot no longer turn a deaf ear and often retaliates emotionally and defensively. If not for their own sake, at least they will fight for the sake of those dear to them, as well as for the greater good of everyone. At some times, this can be to their personal detriment or safety, but there is no other fight Carrot would rather brave.

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Parents:: Radish (NPC-Mother/Deceased) and Kipper (NPC-Father/Deceased)
Siblings:: N/A
Mentor:: N/A
Kits:: N/A
Descriptive History:: The life of Carrot was humble from the very start with only a mother to call their own. Radish had been a scrappy, amber-eyed queen scrounging to survive after the fallout of the clans, having been born to a warrior queen separated from their broken clan. While Radish wished she could ponder her lost kindred, she hardly had the luxury to waste her time when she had to pull every ounce of her weight to survive the chaotic territories. But even when she ventured further outside the clans’ territories, she was still reminded of them by the constant remarks made by loners of her striking blue coat, cool and dark as the northern mountains or as the eventide sky.

It was everything the she-cat could do to distract herself from the fractured concept of a comfortable, cultured life. Instead Radish funneled her energy into making connections wherever she could. Eventually she would make keen enough acquaintances with a friendly silver rogue named Kipper who allowed her a few nights respite in his makeshift den. Radish had finally allowed herself enough time to relax before she was forced back into the fire with the news of Kipper’s death in a territory squabble with other neighborhood rogues. The blue queen was chased out by the cats coming to claim what was now newly theirs and Radish returned to the cusp of the forest, where the food was slim, but the routes familiar. Things were only dampened slightly when she found out too late that she was with Kipper’s kits. Anxiety wanted to gnaw a hole in her heart, but ever the determined cat, Radish forced herself to excel for the sake of her new responsibilities. And from her driven fervor came the birth of a single tiny, but healthy kit.

Radish was careful to foster all the things she felt the world was lacking into a young Carrot, encouraging her kit’s questions and interests as the two of them traveled the territories every few moons. It was hard for Carrot to have to move so frequently as they often got attached to their home and the scenery, but Radish instilled in Carrot the value of seeing an ever-changing and growing world. The kit took the ideal to heart and earnestly worked to help their mother as best as they could. It was hard work and they often found themself slipping up and hurting themselves, but Radish never chastised them for their efforts and soothed them whenever they needed to get their feelings out of their system. Patient and gentle, Radish was Carrot’s sole comfort in such a confusing world.

It came all too fast for the young cat to react the day their mother died. It had been just as any other day had been with the blue pair trailing the old DawnClan borders. They had only been staying in the area for less than a day, but it seemed that a fox, too, had decided to visit the base of the mountains. All Carrot could make out in the moment of flashing teeth and fiery fur was Radish’s voice splitting the air as a small blue streak dove directly into the fray. She had yowled in the harshest tone Carrot had ever heard her speak as she demanded them to run. Run as far as they could and hide. Carrot did as they always had done and doggedly obeyed their mother, pelting off into the tangled wood in an effort to lose the beast. Operating on autopilot, it took Carrot some time to shake off the shock before they realized that they had left their mother behind. Apprehensive to disregard her directions, Carrot tentatively returned to where they had their makeshift den, but only to have made it halfway before they were forced to turn away, too disheartened at the bloody trail that didn’t match their mother’s tracks leading off in an unfamiliar direction.

Terribly hurt by the loss of who they saw as their most precious, their own family, Carrot traveled aimlessly, as if only motivated through their grief by their mother’s lively desires. Every time Carrot tried to give up, they could only picture Radish attempting to comfort them from the other side and it always compelled Carrot forward again. Through relying on their mother, and eventually onto a few others over the course of their travels, Carrot found healing and heart in community where they could. Developing bonds was what they believed their purpose to be; just as their mother had said, experience the world and make it shine as bright as it had in the days long lost. For Carrot, such days had been filled with kinship and culture and such is what they hope to someday find...

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[base stats]

❖︎ dexterity - 6
❖︎ strength - 8/10 
❖︎ speed - 4
❖︎ stamina - 6/10
❖︎ constitution - 7/10
❖︎ wisdom - 6/10
❖︎ intelligence - 3/10
❖︎ accuracy - 5/10
❖︎ charisma - 10/10
❖︎ sensitivity - 10/10
❖︎ immunity - 6/10

[health stats]

❖︎ physical - 7/
Relatively healthy, they are as fit as they can be without more training than simple nomadic behaviors.

❖︎ mental - 6/10
Returning to peace was a long and difficult road and while Carrot is usually well-managed, sometimes memories resurface and crack the bottle...

❖︎ pain threshold - 4/10
As a bit of a crybaby and softie, Carrot reacts quite poorly to hurts and ailments.

[specific stats]

❖︎ stealth - 9/10
❖︎ climbing - 3/10
❖︎ swimming - 1/10
❖︎ hunting - 6/10
❖︎ fighting - 4/10
❖︎ memory - 6/10
❖︎ tactility - 2/10
❖︎ depth perception - 10/10
❖︎ sense of sight - 10/10
❖︎ sense of sound - 10/10
❖︎ sense of smell - 10/10
❖︎ sense of taste - 10/10
❖︎ sense of touch - 10/10
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