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Male || 32 moons || OakClan Medicine Cat
Bisexual || Semi Traditional - Leaning Neo

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One line Description:: A lithe black and white harlequin tom with mint eyes.

Descriptive Appearance:: A limber and lithe tom with a sleek coat to match, Thistletea is a very attractive cat. His frame is thin and lean, though he is a bit on the petite side. His pelt is glossy and short, though a few longer tufts grow on his back and joints, helping to further define the angles of his body. He has small, nimble paws and a long tail that he often uses to accentuate his swagger when moving.

His coat is a decorative collection of jet black splotches on snow white that stand out strikingly in comparison. So striking, in fact, that the ones on his face often give him a ‘half-masked’ appearance. Between that and his delicate bone structure, it is his eyes that give him his charm. Almond-shaped eyes give way to a cooly gaze of minty green pools with dark water lines to help them further stand out. He has long black whiskers, but a pale pink nose and pads, and with those sharp eyes of his usually kept playfully narrowed, he often looks like a little imp.

His posturing continues into even his scent as he usually anoints himself with the aroma of lavender and mint.

Genetic String:: Ll XoY Bb Dd aa ii CC WsWs

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Brief Personality:: Suave, Flippant, Haughty, Temperamental, Crafty

Descriptive Personality:: Thistletea is a handsome cat, and he won’t let you forget it; rather, he’ll emphasize it with his presentation. A master of body language and conversation, he is a suave cat with a tendency to carry himself with a bit of a superior air about himself. Always the haughty and defiant cat in his youth, old habits die hard and even in his adulthood Thistletea finds himself too involved in his own business to care about what happens around him on a regular basis beyond what specifically concerns him. He’s dismissive of others when he’s not involved or interested, and while usually cheeky, Thistletea is unfortunately highly flippant. He is indecisive and changes his mind like the weather to best suit his mood, making him sometimes difficult to get along with.

Such is the reason Thistletea is as temperamental as they come. Like a firecracker, the smallest of things can set him off. Many find ease in skirting this issue by keeping conversation light with him, but when crossed, Thistletea is near impossible to deal with. No matter how charming, he is still a fiery tom with itchy claws. While one to fight smarter than harder now as a medicine cat, that isn’t to say he isn’t a bit rash. Thistletea is an aggressive tom through and through when prodded, quick to jump to confrontation when opposed. He is liberal with light threats as he peppers them throughout his rebuttals and more often than not the first one to flex.

Some say it always has to be about him; that he’s selfish in that way. He used to fight to be the center of attention as a scrappy young warrior apprentice, but even when brought humbly low by circumstance, Thistletea still vied for recognition through his change in path. To be needed was his secret and as a result, he became resolute in his new tasking endeavor. In doing so, the tom found himself taking more and more of the cryptic flair of his medicinal mentor. Having such shrewd attention placed upon him, Thistletea developed into a crafty schemer to outwit the teacher, always striving to be one step ahead of the curve. His cunning, hands-off approach cultivated a thoughtful streak in him that revolved around anticipating moves before they were made and he uses it to his advantage in all avenues of his life.

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Parents:: Blackberry (NPC-Mother/Alive) and Fogtail (NPC-Father/Deceased)
Kin:: Scorchsong (NPC-Aunt/Alive)
Siblings:: Indigoleaf (NPC-Sister/Alive), Birdclaw (NPC-Sister/Alive)
Mentor:: Scorchsong (NPC/Alive) and Beignet (NPC/Alive)
Kits:: N/A
Descriptive History: Thistletea began his life as the only son of an elegant harlequin OakClan beauty named Blackberry. The she-cat was recognized for her fine looks and prowess as a hunter, but also for her sharp adherence to Traditonalist StarClan ideals as a kit born of true-blue OakClan warriors who refused to let their clan be forgotten. As a result, she was stringent in her choice of mates and ultimately took a stern, but subdued white warrior named Fogtail for the father of her kits, eventually giving birth to two daughters and a son, their names being Birdkit, Indigokit, and Thistlekit respectively.

Thistlekit and his sisters grew up somewhat detached- from the clan and from their family. Fogtail was a great warrior, but unable to concern himself with the emotions of a family, too engrossed in working to hold their clan together as it dwindled, and avoided the kittens whereas Blackberry raised them diligently, but distantly. There was no coddling or sweet nothings whispered; the she-warrior was strong-willed and unyielding in carrying out her Nursery lessons. It was here where Thistlekit developed his distaste for critique and etiquette. Instead, he learned to rely on his wiles to get by, from nosy neighbors to his mother’s critical eye. Birdkit and Indigokit were his only close family as he sought their comfort when he had gotten into particular trouble with their mother, the sisters becoming like their little brother’s protectors.

The she-cats trained their brother well in understanding body language and subtlety, and by the time the three moved to the apprentices’ den, Thistlepaw was a master manipulator of words. His charming wit was his weapon as he used it to breeze through training. Between his pushover aunt, Scorchsong, as a mentor and his lackadaisical approach to work, it was no wonder that Thistlepaw didn’t develop an appreciation for the warrior code or Starclan-centric ideologies, instead leaning into the New Era conversations whenever he wasn’t under watchful eye.

It wasn’t until his awaited shotgun warrior ceremony that Thistlemint, as he was named by his leader, had been finally humbled. It hadn’t been such a breeze as training, and the tom was resoundingly brought out of his comfort level when he failed to make any attention outside his little bubble as an apprentice. The work was hard, harder than he expected Starclan had it back when they had been alive, and the expectations he craved began to wane. Furiously wishing to keep his place, the tom sought purpose under the tutelage of an old kittypet- known commonly as the Bonesinger- who claimed to recall the time before the Sundering. Taking to her cryptic and vainglorious ways, the young warrior took up the old medicine ways and found that perhaps some of the talk of their ancestors wasn’t purely honeyed words. In Beignet, he learned that the shadows and stars spoke in secrets, and that only the cleverest cats could discern them. Fueled by his need to feed his ego, Thistlemint continued under Benny's bone-readings and medicinal teachings in exchange for knowledge of clan culture which, in turn, better helped him to understand his own culture. When the time came that the Old Bonesinger no longer had anything new to offer him, she pompously re-named the tom in her favor to Thistletea, after the divination technique that resonated with him best.

With newfound meaning to his new name, Thistletea proudly took up the Semi-Traditionalist approach and proclaimed himself the new medicine cat of OakClan upon the deathbed of the elderly cat who had been OakClan's makeshift medic. Spurning his kin and the Traditionalist ilk, he plans to shake up the hive for a taste of that sweet, sweet honey with his exotic augury techniques and unorthodox medical methods.

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[base stats]

❖︎ dexterity - 10
❖︎ strength - 5/10 
❖︎ speed - 10
❖︎ stamina - 6/10
❖︎ constitution - 6/10
❖︎ wisdom - 7/10
❖︎ intelligence - 9/10
❖︎ accuracy - 9/10
❖︎ charisma - 10/10
❖︎ sensitivity - 1/10
❖︎ immunity - 8/10

[health stats]

❖︎ physical - 9/
Slim and trim, he is an excellent example of a fit warrior despite his profession.

❖︎ mental - 6/10
Despite his emotional thoughtlessness, Thistletea is a clever tom with many a trick up his sleeve. However, he often finds himself at a loss for dealing with his own inner turmoil when he can't distract himself.

❖︎ pain threshold - 7/10
As a pompous cat, he does not like to look weak, even no longer under warrior status, instead posing as quick to recover and bounce back. However, Thistletea likely wouldn't fancy any scarring blemishes...

[specific stats]

❖︎ stealth - 7/10
❖︎ climbing - 9/10
❖︎ swimming - 2/10
❖︎ hunting - 7/10
❖︎ fighting - 7/10
❖︎ memory - 6/10
❖︎ tactility - 9/10
❖︎ depth perception - 10/10
❖︎ sense of sight - 10/10
❖︎ sense of sound - 10/10
❖︎ sense of smell - 10/10
❖︎ sense of taste - 10/10
❖︎ sense of touch - 10/10
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Prey is plentiful in all clans!

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The rising water has hidden some herbs in Oakclan and Nightclan but water thriving plants seem to be growing in high abudance!


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Deputy: Reserved (Wolfpool)
Medicine Cat: Thistletea
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Leader: Skystar
Deputy: Reserved (smith)
Medicine Cat:Reserved (fireflake)
Toms: 1 She-cats: 0 Other: 1

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