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The morning air was chilly as a gust of wind whistled through the stony points of the mountains of DawnClan’s territory. The broad sky was still dark as only faint glimpses of the rosy hues signaling sunrise could be picked out along the horizon. Long shadows blotted the rough ground, spreading in the low light as a dark form carefully plotted out her footholds. The large warrior moved at a relatively calm pace, pausing every so often to taste the clammy air for scents before whisking her thick tail and continuing. And as her blue gaze flashed over her shoulder, it seemed she leveled her pace for another reason.


Bellwing and her apprentice had been chosen to attend the dawn patrol westward to freshen the scent markers along the border. With the weather getting colder, it was likely that twoleg activity would increase, but all the more reason for the clan to keep their borders under strong watch. The she-cat also believed it would be a good opportunity for Wolfpaw to examine the area from a safe distance as it would likely be his first time seeing the odd, flat-faced creatures if they did in fact return to the lone twoleg nest that usually sat empty in their territory. With the promise of first pick from the morning hunting patrol’s catches when they return, the blue tabby led her apprentice into the purple mountains.


Taking another moment to stop, Bellwing parted her jaws and scanned the shadowy area. A nearby rockface tasted of stale DawnClan and the warrior tipped her head, gesturing to the young tom in her company to join her. ”We’ll start here and work our way around the old twoleg nest before rounding back this way,” the blue warrior meowed in a smooth voice. She always kept a level and low tone when working with Wolfpaw, as well as many of their clanmates. Bellwing hadn’t often been seen getting worked up in front of her peers, thus it was most common to associate her with the more peaceful aspects of clan life. Perhaps that was why Spiderstar had paired her with the nervous Wolfpaw. She occasionally pondered the reasons, but each time ultimately decided it was simply fated and beyond her knowing. And she was perfectly fine with that.

With a warm purr despite the crisp weather, the she-cat gently flicked the dark tabby’s shoulder encouragingly as they finished with the marker. ”Come then. We’ve got some ways to go yet.”

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pollenpetal | 18 moons
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