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Post by bits on Oct 22, 2021 0:49:06 GMT


"Where are you?"

"This isn't funny."

"Pinepaw, seriously - we're going to get in trouble."



It's the same every time. The dream is gone, slipping out of their mind like it always does and leaving only an impression - one whose weight never failed to suffocate. By the time Cedarsong is well and truly awake, they've already gotten to their paws and stumbled out of the den. Only once did they manage to bump into someone, and immediately they offered a hushed apology to the groggy expression that looked back at them. 

The sun was well into its climb upwards, and Cedarsong was one of a few that had yet to wake. Unusual for the warrior, who usually didn't dawdle in waking and rising from their nest. Now the camp was alive and buzzing, a stark contrast to the feeling of white noise in Cedarsong's head. The thought of shouldering through their sluggishness to get to food was unappealing at best. Instead, with a tumult of stress and isolation drowning out the rest of their feelings, the dilute warrior decided it was time to get moving. If they stood still, they'd want to curl up and go back to sleep and that - no, that wasn't a good idea.

Before Cedarsong coul direct themselves to anything, their eyes caught sight of - "Moosepaw?"

Too tired to keep on their brain-to-mouth filter, the warrior forced themselves to keep up the social momentum they'd accidentally given themselves. They looked around as if trying to spot what - or who - Moosepaw was there for. Did their apprentice have friends? Stars, Cedarsong hoped so. Their voice was raspy with the sleepy vestiges of a restless night. 

"What are you doing?" It was the Cedarsong version of what's up, delivered in the same stiff tone as any other snippet of conversation. Hopefully Moosepaw was growing accustomed to the stoicism by now, because even sleep-deprived, with tousled fur and squinting eyes, Cedarsong was about as easy to read as tracks in gravel.

cedarsong - they/them, dawnclan
blueshade - he/him, oakclan
beepaw - she/her, nightclan



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Post by scottie on Nov 15, 2021 20:36:04 GMT

Moosepaw, as usual, had been awake since the brink of dawn, though strangely unbothered by the world around him. He hadn't really gone out much- without his mentor he didn't dare step another paw out of camp lest something like last time would happen again. Getting lost is embarrassing, and embarrassment is a worse contender than anxiety. So he just spent most of the morning seated in camp with his tail drawn over his paws lazily counting the cats who woke after him, debating any deviations from the usual. Was that creepy? Maybe a little bit, but it was a time-killer, and as long as nobody noticed how he hadn't moved from the spot he had been lying in since he left the apprentice's den it wouldn't matter anyway.

Speaking about cats deviating from their usual waking pattern, Cedarsong came out of the den unusually late. Moosepaw watched his mentor curiously, before tensing in surprise as the cat called out to him. Shoot! Was he busted? In trouble? It's not against the warrior code to lie around, is it?

'No, no, Moosepaw calm yourself, Cedarsong doesn't think you're up to no good. I mean, surely not, right?' The tom forced his fur to lie down flat again with an accompanying nervous flick of his ear "Nothing." he quickly replied, before elaborating with a more eased tone "I'm just, um, waiting until duties start. What are uh- you doing?" he paused for a second, glancing between Cedarsong and the ground "Did you need anything?"

Art by )

DawnClan - Moosepaw
OakClan - Kestrelfrost, Adderkit
NightClan - Rowanheart

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