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Post by Tactical on Oct 14, 2021 12:50:12 GMT

Irispaw's gaze locked onto her opponents. A sneering and taunting look displayed on her features. There was something about the thought of tearing into this Nightclan apprentice that was almost satisfying. Oakclan had already beat them once for the bridge, bringing back a win for the fight club would just add to her satisfaction. She swiped her tongue around her muzzle before crouching forward. She practically had to beg Thistlemint once she heard it around the gathering. It was out of character for her but hey if it meant showing her clan mates who was who then she would do just about anything.

"So Lanky.... what do you do for training? She puffed out her chest before flexing her muscles. She dropped into a crouch and circled around the Nightclan apprentice. "I'll make this fair...." She taunted. Her ego was clearing starting to show. "I'll let you make the first move." She unsheathed her claws digging her paws into the dry earth waiting to kick up dirt into the apprentices face if she needed to. It would all be about strategy and outsmarting her opponent perhaps she wouldn't need to put much effort into this fight after all.

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