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The black tom stood upon the prey pile his eyes scanned the clearing as cats began to gather before he even called. He looked towards the apprentices den, Duckpaw still wasn't ready. He had more adapting to do but there was a few things on his agenda that he wanted to get across. He let out a loud yowl and watched as more cats continued to gather. Some stood in their dens, others crept out. The chilly leaf-fall air made for brisk mornings and evenings and he would be quick.

"There are a few things I'd like to discuss tonight." He mewed. The breeze tickled his fur before pausing trying to piece together the correct words. "As many of you know Oakclan took one of my lives..." His tone was bitter as he looked towards Tumblepaw a look of displeasure upon his facade. "But it is not a sign of weakness. Next moon we will have many strong warriors among our ranks and we WILL get that section of territory back. It may not be this moon but it is coming." His tone was filled with pride as he continued. Nightclan was stronger than Oakclan that much was evident.

"Wolves have been getting closer to the border of us and Dawnclan it would not surprise me to no end that they chase that wolf our way...so that being said for now, no apprentices will be patroling near Dawnclan. Only veteran warriors." He knew it would upset some of them especially since so many loved to climb on the rocks but until it was safe he wouldn't let any apprentices run that way.

"With leaf-fall comes herbs shortages. I am aware of the recent....herb plucking from other clans and I will deal with that in due time...for now young warriors and apprentices are in charge of extra herb patrols. As you know Catmint grows more so in Oakclan territory..watch for patrols take what you need. No cats will be lost this leaf-bare." Eveningstar could care less if Oakclan had a shortage. His clan needed it and he would do what he needed to.

There is ONE last thing I must announce and that is NightClan's new deputy." His eyes shifted back and forth between Crowdance and Darkrain. Crowdances sister had let him down deeply, would he do the same? Then there was Darkrain a lone wolf whom seemed to have a more serious outlook on life. He sighed as each cat wasn't perfect...not like she had been. He cleared his throat before looking across the clearing. "Crowdance will be Nightclan's new deputy."

Eveningstar didn't wait for cheers instead he jumped down from the skull pile and walked towards the tom eyes narrowed and lip curled he stood just a whiskers length away from him before learning in. "do not....disappoint me or I'll step you down as fast as I did your sister." and with that the black tom gave a curt nod before heading towards his own den.

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