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Autumnal Rising [October Oakclan Ceremonies]

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There was a definite turn in the air; a chill that hadn't been there before. But thanks to their efforts the month before it wasn't quite as biting as it might have been. Much to her joy, they seemed to at least be prepared for this sort of thing; now all they needed as supplies; not to mention a little encouragement for how the clan would move forward in the coming months. Prey was fat and sleepy; it was the best time to strike, right then.

"All those old enough to hunt their own prey gather here for a clan meeting." She called out, curling her tail over her chilled paws as she watched a few cats settle - of course, her eyes sought out some of their youngest first; as her meeting was clearly for them. Good news all around; and no more attacks from the Nightclan border.

"I can be no prouder than to announce that today we will increase the strength of our clan tenfold; going into Leafbare, we are sure to be warm and protected, and we shall deal with out hunger shortly; first, I would like to call two cats forward who have shown they are more than ready to take their place as righteous warriors within our clan. Mulberrypaw, Russetpaw?"

She waited for the tom and she-cat to approach before continuing.

"Russetpaw, you have shown that you are a cat of brilliance and kindness, and I know that you will make your clan proud moving forwards. You have shown you know the code, and follow it to light your path forward. It is for the warmth and brightness that you have shown that from this day forward, I proclaim that you shall be known as Russetflame: that which consumes the forest with it's ferocity but can also bring forth new life if treated with caution and diligence."

The second cat had been just as easy to name. "Mulberrypaw, you have blossomed into a fine young cat - showing a multitude of different strengths and smarts. For that reason, from this day forth you shall be known as Mulberrybloom; always remember that you have opened towards the sun, and never shy away from stretching yourself to bigger and better heights."

The two young cats would still have to sit their vigil, but before then a bit of celebration was needed. "In honor of our newest warriors, I propose a bit of a challenge; I ask for patrols today to bring prey as they patrol; no actual hunting class. Allow us to feast before the snows hit us, and to save up for the harsher months to come. Mulberrybloom, I ask that you and Emberheart take Blueshade, Thistlemint, Nutdapple, Fawnpaw, Snakedancer and Finchpaw with you deep into the maple forest, spreading out. Russetflame, Sedgestream, Blackheart, Sundance, Cinderstorm, Irispaw, Cherryheart and Crimsonpaw shall go towards the Dawnclan border. I personally will lead Moorwhisker, Mistpaw, Wildfrog, Kestrelfrost, Tulipwish, Sorrelseed, Stormshriek and Sappaw towards the River, to see if we can't scare up some fishier prey. Cloudchaser and Curlypaw, please aid Daisypetals first - and perhaps see if Greyears or Pinkflame has any suggestions or needs."

 She had spent plenty of time around the older tom during the last moon to know that it only would be fair that her deputy got the brunt of his sharp tongue for the time being.

"Tonight, we shall allow our newest warriors to contemplate their future; truly looking forward to the short days ahead." She grinned; feeling her heart beat with pride. Her clan, her family; they were not just surviving, but thriving. 

Hunting/Patrol Rosters:

Patrol 1: Mulberrybloom (), Emberheart (), Blueshade (), Thistlemint (), Nutdapple (Me), Fawnpaw (), Snakedancer (), Finchpaw ()
Patrol 2: Russetflame (), Sedgestream (), Blackheart (), Sundance (), Cinderstorm (), Irispaw (), Cherryheart (), Crimsonpaw ()
Patrol 3: Foxstar (Me), Moorwhisker (), Mistpaw (), Wildfrog (), Kestrelfrost (), Tulipwish (), Sorrelseed (), Stormshriek(), Sappaw ()
Patrol 4: Cloudshaser (), Curlypaw (), Daisypetals (), Greyears (), Pinkflame ()

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