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Post by lastmoon14 on Sept 27, 2021 19:43:19 GMT

The fluffy molly padded around Dawnclan’s camp, stretching her back legs a bit. Even if it had been moons ago, her limping was now something she would take till her last days, but that didn’t stop her. Still, her back legs became sore when she laid down for too long or spend a good time sitting. With a short shook she refreshed herself, feeling the soft wind moving her fur softly. Purring she sat down with a yawn, starting to groom herself with long relaxing licks. The camp was almost empty, most warriors out with their apprentices, hunting or patrolling. Still, there was some noises coming from the apprentice den. Some apprentices that had just awake? She shrugged, uncertain of what was happening there. Still a small thought came into her mind. Would she get an apprentice someday? It wouldn’t be the easiest for her, with her limping and color blindness, but still she was as worthy as the other warriors. Standing up she walked over to the warrior’s den, passing next to Ivyspark. She hadnt talk much with the tom, as she had feared him a bit when she was a kit. It wasn’t her fault! The tom seemed to not like kits, or that’s what she thought when she had five moons.

He was a great warrior, and she was too. So… why not try? Taking a breath she turned to him, wishing he didn’t want to be alone. “Hello Ivyspark, how’s the day going?” She asked soflty, shaking her ears slightly.

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Post by wolfpool on Oct 28, 2021 12:42:39 GMT

Ivyspark sat at the entrence of the warriors den. It was a calm morning, most of his clanmates already left to fulfill their duties, and the pale sunlight gave a little warmth against the cold air.  He looked around the camp, to see who stayed behind, and his gaze fell on the elders den.
With each passing moon the warrior felt more and more how old his bones actually were. He knew the day inched closer when he would need to retreat to the elders den. 

An unpleasant shiver ran down his spine. He would rather spend his last few days fighting for his clan, than just sitting around the camp, doing nothing. He tried his best to hide the aching in his spaws, which he only noticed a few weeks ago. He wanted to show, that he is still the strong, and fierce warrior of DawnClan he once was, even if the fromer wasn't really ture anymore. 

He shook his head and started cleaning his pelt. He was in the middle of cleaning his chest fur, and the spot behind his ears, when he heard Fluffywing's voice. 
The white and gray tabby tom raised his head when he heard his name. He looked up at the spotted she-cat with a little annoyance in his gaze.
It became more of a reflex really. Every time someone came up to him, his face just instantly became blank. Even if the other did nothing to annoy him. 

" Hello Fluffywing " He greeted the she-cat, his tail slowly mowing to shield his front paws from the cold breeze. "Nothing interesting so far, thanks for asking. How about you? "

He remembered the times when the young warrior was just a tiny kit. She was one of the few kits, who didn't get on his nerves all the time. She stayed away from him and he was pretty grateful for that. Although, it was probably because he made it clear, that he doesn't have the patience for kits, and he wouldn't shy away from yelling at them. 

To be honest Ivyspark was quite impressed with the black molly. Not only she survived an avalanche, but she managed to get back on her feet and still be a good warrior. Ivyspark always respected warriors who had the strength to stand back up after a big blow. Both physically and mentally.

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