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Post by lastmoon14 on Sept 27, 2021 19:41:57 GMT

The sun had just raised as the amber colored she-cat jumped around Oakclan camp. She was excited. That would be one of her first trainings with Snakedancer! The small cat didn’t know him much, but that didn’t stop her racing heart. She wanted to be the best warrior of the clan one day, so she needed to train hard and learn everything she could from her mentor. Looking up at the sky she wondered where the dark brown tom was. Had he slept? She turned to the warriors den, taking some steps closer before stopping down. No, she couldn’t just poke her head in where the other warriors where, she would just be pushed back or even punished. She had to be patient. That was another skill warriors had and she had to work on it. Taking a breath she sat down, glancing around. There where already a bunch of cats walking around the camp and going out for their own patrols or trainings. Turning to groom her pelt she purred, pleased she was clam after all! Maybe she was patient enough? But those thoughts where cut as she spotted her mentor on the other side of the camp. With a sprint she skidded by his side, she needed to work more on her patience.

“Good Morning Snakedancer, what are we going to do today?” She said with glowing eyes, looking at her mentor’s eyes. Her tail has moving side to side, showing both her failure to hid her emotions and how glad she was that her mentor was around now.

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Post by wolfpool on Oct 28, 2021 13:27:08 GMT

Snakedancer swallowed the last peace of the sparrow he picked up from the fresh-kill pile. He licked his muzzle to clean it, and put away a few feathers so he can give it to his kits later to play with. Now he had other things to do. 

He smiled as he thought back to the latest OakClan ceremonies. He has an apprentice! He is finally a mentor.
Ever since, he became a warrior, he wanted to become a mentor as well. Proving his skills by guiding a young clanmate, and - hopefully- make a great warrior out of her. He wanted to jump and shout from the joy, but on the outside he showed none of his excitement other than a small smile.

Speaking of apprentices, where's Finchpaw? 

Before Snakedancer could start to search for her, she was already standing in front of him. Looks like Snakedancer wasn't the only one who couldn't wait until the training started.  He couldn't help but chuckle at Finchpaw's mowing tail and her glowing eyes. 

" Good morning Finchpaw. " He meowed happily. " I was thinking we could start with some basic hunting skills. It's Leaf-Fall, and with Leaf-Bare approaching we could use all help, when it comes to hunting. " He said as he turned and started to walk towards the camp's enterence. " I don't want to disturbe any patrol and scare away the pray, so we are gonna search for a nice place where you can show me how much do you know about hunting. "

Now that he is about to have his first training as a mentor, he suddenly felt a hint of uncertainty. What if he can't explain something to Finchpaw? What if something happens during training and she gets hurt? What if he is going to be too harsh, or too gentle and the young she-cat's apprenticeship end up in disaster?

The reality of how much responsibility a mentor has reached his brain now. But so did his determination. He is going to be the one of the best mentors OakClan has to offer, and he is going to teach everything to his apprentice.

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