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she/her • nightclan kit

The sweet scent of the autumn winds spurred the spirits of the forest cats just as it moved the golden fallen leaves. Encouraging in its atmosphere, it was no surprise that it had summoned NightClan’s solitary kit as a golden blur flashed across the leaf-laden clearing, diving to and fro behind each trunk and den wall along her way. Moving with as much moxie as she could muster, she was a kit on a mission.

Pausing to catch her breath as she stole away behind the warriors’ den and out of the morning sun, Flowerkit mulled over the day prior once again. It had been on her mind ever since it happened.

She had been eyeing a fish precariously from the nursery that afternoon, but had been patiently waiting to ask Honeybriar for permission. She had been anxiously awaiting the day she could try the scaly prey after having tried a small bite of snake. However, the excitement had been sapped from her as she spied with her eagle-eye as Pinkfish, in uncharacteristically stealthy fashion, had snagged the kit’s favored fish and disappeared to devour it. With no other fish in the pile, Flowerkit’s excitement turned to bitter spite as she plotted her revenge in silence for the rest of the night.


Determined in her nimble steps, the little tabby crept from the shadows along the edge of the medicine cat’s den. She cast a glance back to the warriors’ den, noting that her victim was out and cementing her plan. With a smug look painted on her face, Flowerkit ducked into the aromatic den as quietly as she could. She kept her head low and mimicking how she watched the warriors do so, attempted to taste the air for anyone inside. Her brassy gaze trailed along the herb stores, scrutinizing the wall as she focused on the most pungent scent she could.

It was difficult work with all the different smells mixing enough to make her small head spin, but Flowerkit managed to hook her claw carefully into a pale bulb from one of the only caches she could reach. It was smelly and strong, enough to make the kit’s eyes water a bit at the ripeness. With a cheshire grin curling across her features, she had been too fixated on her premature success to notice the eerily familiar cat-scent that joined the herbaceous medley on the air.

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format borrowed from
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pollenpetal | 18 moons
thistletea | 32 moons
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