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here at written in the stars, we have liquid time. if you have a kit at any age, you can roleplay your kit however you would like as long as it's realistic and not breaking any rules. this guide is to explain how kits in the warriors series would realistically be roleplayed depending on their age.

references from a kitten websiteanother kitten website, and the warrior's wiki will be used for this guide. feel free to read those for more information!


here are some guidelines that are true for all clan kits, regardless of age:

  • priority - alongside elders, kits are the first to be fed. they are to be protected by all members of the clan. the care of kits is shared by all queens.
  • camp-bound - kits are to remain in the nursery, unless their mother is comfortable with them exploring the camp. they are not to leave the camp unless escorted by a warrior. leaving the camp as a kit is forbidden and could delay your apprenticeship. this is probably obvious, but kits do not attend gatherings.
  • responsibilities - kits have no real responsibilities in the clan. they don't hunt, train, or go on patrols. it's a nice life as a kit, isn't it?

newborn (0 moons)

  • helpless - at this age, newborn kits are rather helpless. they rely on their mothers for food. they are sleeping 90% of the time and eating the other 10%.
  • senseless - their eyes and ears are closed. since their eyes are closed, a kitten can't be named for their eye color.

1 moon

  • play, play, play - at this age, kits are sturdy on their feet and ready to play! they often invite family and older warriors to play with them. depending on their clan, kits of different clans will play with different things. you can read each clan's information page for more info.
  • eyes and ears and mouth and your nose - at this age, kittens eyes are still blue. their ears are open now, and they can hear and speak (up to you on how well) tiny kitten teeth have grown in, as well!

2 moons

  • weaned - at this age, they no longer rely on their mother for milk. they can slowly start eating small fresh-kill. kittypets will start eating kitten food.
  • turn around, bright eyes - move aside, blue! your kits eyes are now whatever they would be genetically.
  • neutered - for kittypets, this age is the minimum to be neutered (optional) and get ready to go to their new two-leg homes.

3 moons

  • what big teeth you have! - baby teeth will start to fall out in exchange for adult teeth. teething is normal, as it is quite a painful experience for such a young kit. usually a sturdy stick will do the trick!
  • privacy, please - around this age, kits can go to the dirt-place to make dirt on their own without assistance. kittypets will learn to use the litter-box.

4 moons

  • clan life - by this age, if not earlier, kits have learned the ways of the clan. they know the ranks, traditions, and rivals of each clan. elders and senior warriors tell them about their clan's history, including past battles and tales of heroic cats that have gone to starclan.
  • come at me, bro - since they are bigger now, play fights are bound to happen between litter-mates and other kits. any cat may play fight with kits as long as everyone is being careful and claws are sheathed. it is extremely frowned upon to actually fight a kit. you wouldn't punch a baby, would you?

5 moons

  • are we there yet? - kits are patiently (or not) waiting to be apprenticed. they may have seen or learned a couple of things, but kits are not seriously trained in anything just yet. patience, children!

6 moons

  • finally! - kits aged 6 moons or more are usually apprenticed. however, misbehavior in the nursery, injuries, or illnesses can lead to a late apprentice ceremony. an apprentice will either follow the path of a warrior, or rarely, a medicine cat, depending on the need for a medicine cat apprentice, disability, or omen.
  • sexuality - at this age, your character can develop crushes and can distinguish their romantic preferences. apprentices are typically too busy training to have mates, only crushes. technically in real life, a cat can hit puberty at 6 moons. since we are a family friendly roleplay site, having a litter requires being a warrior (12+ moons). sorry, no teen moms here! /j


with all that being said, have fun with it! you can follow this guide, or do it your own way. kits are really fun to roleplay. my favorite thing about warriors roleplay is developing a character from a kit to a warrior. i hope this guide helps someone!

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