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When she was a kit, the world outside camp seemed impossibly big. Just the thought of the territory was enough to keep her excited, breathless as her apprenticeship approached with every passing day. Once it hit, the territory shifted from 'amorphous concept' to 'potential'. The territory was full of places to find, nooks and crannies to search, and new paths to pick along gnarled roots and the topographical riddle of the bayou. But waiting on her mentor to bring her around felt restrictive, and the supervision was something she was always aware of in her periphery. As far as mentors went, Beepaw couldn't see herself with any other warrior - but she still felt a jolt in her joints at the thought of independent exploration. Adventure. 

It was surprisingly rare for Beepaw to sneak out - she was happy to flout a few rules and live on the edge, but she also tended to wear herself out over the course of a day. She was the kind of gal who'd fall asleep and be dead to the world until it was time to go again. Nothing done in half measures. With an extra nap snuck in, however, it was easy enough to get herself awake and moving when most of camp was quiet. It was never silent - even if you couldn't hear the whisper of a waking clanmate, the chorus of the nighttime bayou would play on. It was that orchestra that scored her escape from the nest - and the black apprentice slipped away. She kept an eye out as she moved, green eyes catching the light a couple times as she did her best in the name of stealth.

As on so many an occasion before tonight, she found herself chasing a thrill to some questionable ends. The risk associated with checking out some of the more decrepit spots in the territory (without notice, without supervision) didn't faze the small apprentice. To the contrary - the danger added to the wind in her sails, and Beepaw lost herself in her self-appointed journey, ready to leave camp behind and embark. 

/ooc.  and open to apprentices with poor impulse control looking for a nighttime "stroll"
cedarsong - they/them, dawnclan
blueshade - he/him, oakclan
beepaw - she/her, nightclan

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