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Thumps and bumps and oofs could be heard in the camp clearing as the autumn leaves fell, fresh playthings for the eager apprentices and kits of NightClan to amuse themselves with. And Flowerkit was no different. The young tabby threw herself at each scattered leaf that was unfortunate enough to flutter into her line of sight. Bunching up tiny muscles, she launched violently at the amber and gold leaves, only to crash harshly into the ground in repetition.

She jumped and trotted and buzzed about the clearing after the colorful natural confetti. Despite her clumsy paw steps, she danced in a wild spiral to match the leaves as they occasionally rained down. However, her impatience ultimately got the best of her each time, sending her spinning to the ground.

Taking a moment to shake her dizzying head, the little molly scrunched up her face and spat a curse she had recently heard, squinting her large doe eyes in scrutiny. She pondered her tactics briefly before growing visibly frustrated and recklessly flinging herself back into the leaping game of catching leaves, chomping at the metaphorical bit in her efforts.

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