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Family Cave-digging / [Award Thread]


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Post by Kazuko on Sept 15, 2021 21:05:25 GMT


Family times were rare, nowadays. Spiderstar had been the one to suggest the exploration to her children. The caves behind DawnClan's camp were rarely explored, for fear of collapse and injury. There were a few gems in there, though. Spiderstar herself had spotted one such cave in a recent exploration into the depths (no of course it wasn't because she was searching for a family activity no of course not heh) and the sight of it had prompted her to find Webshine and Driftstorm for such an activity.

It was for that reason that Spiderstar stood just before a small crack in the rock, barely wide enough for her whiskers to miss scraping against the sides of the rockface. There was no way the leader would let her kits go first. She would go first, the largest of the three. That way, they all should fit, as long as she could.

"Stay behind me, okay?" Spiderstar glanced behind at Webshine and Driftstorm behind her, "I promise you, this will be worth it."

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Post by aelita 🌷 on Sept 22, 2021 18:52:23 GMT

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"are we there yet?" the tabby tom wondered why spiderstar had called him and webshine. knowing his mother, it was probably best to just go along and find out later. maybe some special patrol? or maybe, she just wanted to spend time with her kits? either way, he happily obliged.

it was a nice hike up to their destination. as they approached the crevice, driftstorm looked all around. "stay behind me, okay?" this one time, he decided to not run headfirst in. however, he didn't want either of them to get hurt. "alright. i'll follow behind you, that way if something happens, i can pull you out. that sound good?" he was eager to see what this cave had to offer.

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