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Post by Kazuko on Sept 15, 2021 20:35:25 GMT

Sparrow, shrew, vole, mouse.... What's best for them to eat right now? Pinkflame tilted her head as her eyes scanned the fresh-kill pile, having been uncovered from where it had been stored the night before. The three kits hadn't been weaned for long, so what here was the softest meat for them to eat? Not the sparrow, too many feathers... mouse seems to be where most cats start, right? Hoping her reasoning was right, the she-cat leaned forwards, picking a plump mouse from the pile. She wasn't hungry right now - but she'd let the three kits share the mouse, and whatever was left (if anything at all) would be hers. Otherwise... maybe she'd eat later.

Turning and padding back towards the nursery, Pinkflame peered in, looking down at her nest. The three had just been stirring when she got up, and the mother had told them to wait there. At least it seemed like they listened. Placing the mouse by her paws, Pinkflame pricked her ears, though her sharp gaze kept the litter away from the mouse.

"Okay - make sure you share this evenly - I'm talking to you, Tawnykit." Pinkflame reminded the kits, casting a glance at her daughter, before lifting a paw and nudging the mouse their way. All theirs now.

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Post by wolfpool on Sept 16, 2021 11:25:50 GMT

Rosekit padded a little bit closer to the mouse and smelled the air. He wasn't sure how he felt about this new scent that filled his nose. It wasn't anything like the soft milky scent of the nursery, but he had to admit, that it wasn't an unpleasant one either. 

He placed one of his tiny paws on top of the mouse and nudged it a bit. He was supposed to try and eat this thing, right? The young tom leaned closer and took a small bite, making an unsure grimace while doing so. The whole thing felt weird. The mouse's soft fur tickled his nose and mouth, making him wonder if he was supposed to take the fur off first.

He did some testing chew, but then he stepped back and sat down beside the mouse. He looked back at his siblings, and licked his mouth. 

" It's weird."  He confesed, stepping aside to let his siblings try it too. 

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