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you let him do what? [patrol]


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Post by bits on Sept 12, 2021 16:56:20 GMT


"Blueshade, I ask that you take Stormshriek, Sappaw, Wildfrog and Blackheart and patrol away from the Gathering Place along our Northernmost border; please keep an eye out for the wolf which Dawnclan spoke of - although if it is spotted do not engage; I'll have none of my clan treated for such bites at this time."

In terms of preference, Blueshade had very little love for leading. He wasn't irresponsible - unless you asked him, in which case he'd probably never describe himself as responsible or mature. Jury was still out on whether his easygoing nature was a symptom of immaturity; as recently as yesterday, he could be found goofing off as he went about a few quick chores. A recent influx of pinecones in camp were absolutely his doing and - even though at least one queen ended up smacked with a pinecone launched from an exuberant kit - he had zero regrets. About the pinecones, anyways.

But this patrol was decidedly not pinecone based. The warrior was going to bring some of his clanmates to the northernmost border as per Foxstar's instructions. It was a little relieving to not have to bring folks close to Nightclan - conflict wasn't his idea of a good day.

"We'll head out soon," the warrior announced to those already gathered, tail flicking as he waited on anyone who had yet to show. It wasn't like they were late - and even if that were the case, Blueshade was one of the least likely warriors to be fussed over something like that. He stretched where he stood, bowing and basking for another moment under the cool leaf-fall sun.

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Post by mew on Sept 16, 2021 7:26:37 GMT

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Sappaw shook the Leaf-fall chill from her thin pelt, fluffing it as best as she could as she padded off towards the camp’s entrance. Before the gorse tunnel stood the grey and white tom who was to lead the patrol along DawnClan’s border. The little dapple tabby recognized Blueshade from his antics around camp, but didn’t believe she had actually spoken directly with the easy-going warrior before. Honestly, she wondered if he was the right cat for this job.

Stifling a sigh, she waved her skinny tail half-heartedly in greeting as she stopped a few tail-lengths away from Blueshade. Cocking her head to one side, she blinked her dark eyes at the older warrior with a calculating look as she mewed, ”The others haven’t gathered yet? Hm.” As if to punctuate her words, the petite apprentice sat down to wait, poised with her tail neatly curled around her paws.

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