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Post by finny on Sept 11, 2021 1:13:15 GMT

reaching out to new people was never easy, but when its the estranged child of your,,,,love interest? crush? its much harder. puddlewish knew getting close to lilypaw would be hard to say the least. not only because of her relationship with crowdance but she hadn't taken a much time as she probably should have to get to the younger cat.
she had to admit to herself, it was very likely lilypaw wouldnt accept her as a friend let alone someone to confide in but she definitely had to try, so she began to search for the she-cat.

"lilypaw!" she calls out after finally finding the cat, running around the camp and territory to find her was no where near as easy to find as she thought "Ive been looking for you!"she quickly closes the distance between the two, attempting to leave a comfortable distance and to also keep the she-cat close. she purrs softly, hoping to put the young cat at ease around her

she hoped her reaching out wasn't to unwelcome but she couldn't get the thought out of her head. if she wanted to be with the cats father she was going to connect with his kit even if he refused to, it was the right thing to do. she wanted to be close to the cat and give her what her father had refused to, even if it ended up in only a friendly clan member scenario

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