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Post by stephcansketch on Sept 10, 2021 20:49:40 GMT

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The moon was high in the night sky, and the air was still. Crickets could be heard in the trees, though it would be something that wouldn’t be around for much longer with leafbare approaching.

A form could be seen at the bottom of the Barren Hills in a small clearing. He was kicking pine cones, trying with strong intent to hit a large rock on the far side of the clearing with one of the projectiles. However, with each solid kick, the pine cones would either teeter to the side, or fly straight over the rock.

Wolfpaw let out a small hiss of frustration, raking his claws through the dry grass and deep into the dirt. He had been out here for hours, sneaking out of the camp after he was sure his den mates were asleep. Bellwing was patient with him, which brought Wolfpaw relief, but didn’t make him feel any less pitiful and useless when he was incapable of hitting a target.
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Post by wolfpool on Sept 11, 2021 22:16:08 GMT

The soft whisper of the late night breeze running trough the branches, and the crickets gentle chirping created a calming, and mysterious melody.  With Leafbare approaching, the air became colder, sharper, and less pleasant to breath in, sometimes even forming tiny clouds when someone breathed out. But it wasn't the chilling air, or the quiet song of the night that kept the DawnClan warrior awake.

Ivyspark sat in front of a little stone. The stone itself might have been small, but it created a great hole in the tom's heart every time he looked at it. All he could think about was, how that stone should still sit under the surface of the stream. How that stone shouldn't be here, among the other carefully placed stones. How the stone shouldn't mark the place, where they put Littleflame to her final rest.

The flowers he put on top of his past mate's grave already withered, the strong sunlight and the rain took away the beauty they once had. He had to replace them until the cold season would banish all the flowers away. The she-cat liked to decorate her nest with flowers back when she was alive, often spending hours wondering around the territory to find snowdrops, and even cross the borders a few times if a flower caught her attention. Back then Ivyspark told her how mousbrain she is to waste time on some plant, that would get squashi and disgusting anyway. And now, he did almost the same thing. He almost laughed at the irony. 

" I mean, how hard would it be to actually check if the freshkill pile has any crowfood in it? These apprentices these days are so careless. "He meowed with annoyance and after he got no reply he let out a heavy sigh. " I know you can't hear me, but you are still the only one I can talk to. I know it's ridiculus, but sometimes... " He paused and looked up at the starry sky, his heart sinking. " I want believe thta you are there... " He looked at the stars, expecting a sing. A tiny fliker of light, a shooting star running across the black sky, a feeling in his chest, anything... But nothing happened.  

He shook his head. Of course nothing happened. StarClan is just a tale to give hopes for the sick and dying. To make others feel less miserable when they loose someone. Nothing else. Never was and never will be. 

He got up and shook the dirt off of his pelt. He'll look for flowers tomorrow, he was too tired to start search for one. As he walked back towards the camp, his ears picked up a sound, that didn't fit into the usualy night tune. He stopped to listen. It was like when pine cones fell off from trees, and after they hit the ground a small hiss followed. He unsheated his claws and pinned his ears back. There is better be no intruder in their territory. 

As he got closer he noticed the smaller cat, who was kicking the cones, trying to hit his target. Soon he reconised the smell, and the pelt.

" Wolfpaw? What are you doing here?" 


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Post by stephcansketch on Sept 12, 2021 18:08:17 GMT

Wolfpaw's head snapped when he heard his name. His blood ran cold when he recognized Ivyspark's silhouette against the dim glow of the moon. He simply stared for a moment, his anxiety spiking, before staring down at his paws and stammering, "I-I'm, um, I-I k-know I-I'm n-not supp-posed to be out here, b-but..." He trailed off, internally hissing at himself for his speech. He let out a soft sigh before meowing, "I c-can't do a-anything right, no matter how hard I t-try. Even w-with c-coming here every n-night and p-practicing." Wolfpaw simply sat on the ground next, muttering, "I'm useless."

Wolfpaw deppresso moment
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Post by wolfpool on Sept 16, 2021 12:53:16 GMT

" I'm useless " 

Ivyspark ears pinned back, and a soft hiss left his lips at those words. His son might be not the bravest or the most skilled warrior, but he was his kin. And none of his kin can be useless.

" You are not useless " he said, with a firm, but non threatening voice. " You have the blood of great survivors and fighters in your vains. Cats who roamed these mountains, even before the clans were formed. " He walked closer to his son with determent steps. His sharp and chilling eyes, now had fire in them. A fire sparked by his pride at his own ancestry. " Spiderstar, our leader is your aunt.A brave and wise she-cat. I consider myself a good and clever warrior. Your mother is- was a great and strong warrior. " He corrected his previous statement, a tiny hint of sadness tinting his words. He paused for a few seconds, to collect his thoughts.

He didn't wanted to sound like he was taunting Wolfpaw. He knew if he messes this conversation up right now, that could ruin his son's warriorhood. He couldn't afford that. He might pretend like his son doesn't even exists most of the time, but he owned this much to Littleflame. Besides, just because he does this now, he still doesn't have to start spend time with him. He is just going to give him a few ( hopefully ) encouraging words. Nothing more. He wasn't sure, if he can do more. 
" You carry the legacy of those acient cats. YOU ARE my legacy. I know you have our strength, skills and bravery within you. They are just burried underneath your fears. " He put his paw gently on top of Wolfpaw's shoulder. " You are not useless. Don't let anyone tell you, that you are. Not even to yourself. "

He was standing in front of him now. The last time they were this close was when Wolfpaw was a newborn kit, and the medicine cat asked Ivyspark to hold him until the second kit arrives. He now saw how much the young apprentice grew. His ears, his nose, his muzzle looked just like Ivyspark's, while Wolfpaw's pelt, eyes and the tuft of fur on top of his head resembled to the ones Littleflame once had. 

The DawnClan warrior let go of his son's shoulder, and turned away. " So... You were trying to hit that rock with the pine cones? " 

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