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── As a loner, the coming of leafbare never got to her as much as she did now. It was much more manageable to look after her two brothers than it was a whole clan that needed much more food, herbs, water, storage, just anything she could think of. Sometimes it stressed her out, she couldn't stand watching kits learn just how harsh the world could be. Why couldn't their young minds stay innocent for just a little while longer? Especially when Greyears lashed out at them... Many more little things to worry about in a clan as the seasons changed.

But she wouldn't change it for the world.

OakClan is the reason she gets to see the feisty tom again, that she never has to worry about getting sick or Greyears getting hurt. He always had a comfortable nest- regardless of what he liked to say- and many pairs of paws to look after him. She'd have the same treatment one day. She gets to watch more kits grow into strong warriors and make their dreams come true and she gets to feel good about providing for something bigger than her. Her nest is always safe, her belly always well fed, and her needs well met. Her only wish is that Connor got to be there with her...
Regardless of Tulipwish's concerns, there were plenty of things she could to do help out and ease the worries. What she couldn't get to was covered by her clanmates, and apprentices had plenty of guides to learn how to help out and would one day show the new apprentices. Right now she was tasked with stocking up the winter's stores, something that was incredibly important for when patrols came home empty-pawed and down on their luck. Today, she had plenty of help- almost too much. They'd have to watch their chatter if they were to not scare away the prey. A little tough to do with two apprentices, but luckily they were older and more likely to understand. Regardless, she didn't mind, it was important for them to learn. She was more than willing to help out.

Today, they were scouring the maple forest. It was getting dry, so she elected to stick closer to the river. Prey would be thirsty and looking for a drink, especially in the midday sun. It seemed StarClan was sending them one last bought of summer before leafbare was able to sink their claws in, but she did hope the water came back.

Wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to learn, Tulipwish paused from walking and turned to the two apprentices. From what she could tell, there was a bit of a maze of scents from prey travelling to and from the river, some older some newer. This must be a popular route to water. "Think one of you can catch something around here?" the shecat asked. She kind of hoped they found some sort of bird, it was always fun seeing how different cats went about catching things that fly.

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