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Yet to Be [September Oakclan Meeting]

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Post by Broadfae on Sept 4, 2021 22:21:33 GMT

If had not been evident before that the colder months were coming upon them, it was the fact that she had woken up to find that the grass crackled under her paws with the finest layer of frost that would remind anyone. As if hundreds of thousands of spiders had come and laid their crystalized webs along the blades of grass, turning the ground hard. It reminded her that there was still so much to do before the trees threw their golden red leaves to the ground, and her clan would struggle through what was hopefully not that harsh of a winter. There was trouble brewing - just because there was a battle behind them didn't mean there was not one on the horizon either.

"All those old enough to hunt their own prey gather here for a clan meeting." She called, shifting on her paws as the slate beneath them felt chill to her sensitive pads. She watched as her clanmates gathered, feeling that surge of pride and protectiveness as, from oldest to the youngest; Pinkflame's latest bundles of tumbling fur - made their way to spots where here voice would be carried to hear them. 

"I would like to thank all of you first and foremost for your patience and understanding; the strength you showed over our latest troubles with Nightclan and their sudden desire to overstep their long-drawn boundaries." She announced, catching a few of those cats who had fought at her side with a look. Her scratches were healing nicely, but she knew that for some of her clanmates, it was the mental scars - the worries as to what the future would hold that had by far a more lasting effect. "I will take this moment to make it clear: we will not allow Nightclan to steal another foot of our territory. While I will not provoke them, that does not mean we will stand down; Patrols along the bridges in particular will be increased; the scent marks doubled. I ask anyone who feels threatened to see myself or Cloudchaser personally."

She nodded at her Deputy, a quick incline of her head. 

"But I feel we must also turn inward; the colder moons will soon be upon us, and we have young who will need care - not to mention that Daisypetals is still in need of certain provisions. Therefore I will announce the following additions to our patrols. Alongside our borders, Cloudchaser will take his apprentice, Thistlemint, Sundance and Kestrelfrost - shoring up the borders along the Swamp and make sure that the message we have given Nightclan has been made loud and clear. Blueshade, I ask that you take Stormshriek, Sappaw, Wildfrog and Blackheart and patrol away from the Gathering Place along our Northernmost border; please keep an eye out for the wolf which Dawnclan spoke of - although if it is spotted do not engage; I'll have none of my clan treated for such bites at this time." She would have in a heartbeat sent Blackheart with Cloudchaser, after all they'd done with helping in the original skirmish - but she felt his strengths were better drawn away from the site of such a brutal battle for the time being. 

"Our third Patrol, led by Snakedancer, will mark our borders with the Garden and cemetery folk. Plenty of ground to cover, so take Cherryheart, Crimsonpaw and Sorrelseed with you." She paused momentarily to wet her lips. "Feel free to hunt once the borders are marked, or certainly train - but to increase our stores I would also like Emberheart, Mulberrypaw, Moorwhisker and Mistpaw to go hunting - If Tulipwish would be so kind to lead that particular expedition."

"Lastly, the final two groups will assist myself and Daisypetals - either in finding as many herbs as possible or in securing the boundaries and walls of our camp in preparation for the colder months. Cinderstorm and Nutdapple, you and your apprentices will provide protection and aid to our Medicine Cat - Russetpaw and Sedgestream, I ask that you aid me; though I'm certain Greyears and Pinkstream will know far more about the patches and walls needing repair in their respctive dens." She purred - knowing that the opinionated elder would be perfectly content with the idea of bossing them around - and Pinkstream would likely love for a warrior or two to keep an eye on her brood. 

"Oakclan has shown that we are strong, and that we will not be pushed away from our lands; there is no fear of that going forward. I thank each and every one of you for the work, the contributions that you've all made. You make me proud to be leader of such a strong clan." She ducked her head ever so slightly, as if in a modest gesture.

She only hoped they were as proud of her as she was of them. 

Border Patrol 1 (Nightclan Border): Lead by Cloudchaser ( ), Curlypaw ( ), Thistlemint ( ), Sundance ( ), Kestrelfrost ( )

Border Patrol 2 (Dawnclan Border): Lead by Blueshade ( ), Stormshriek ( ), Sappaw ( ) Wildfrog ( ), Blackheart ( )

Border Patrol 3 (Garden District and Cemetary): Lead by Snakedancer ( ), Cherryheart (), Crimsonpaw ( ), Sorrelseed ( )

Medicine Cat Helpers: Lead by Daisypetals ( ), Irispaw ( ), Cinderstorm ( ), Nutdapple (@broadfae), Fawnpaw ( )

Hunters: Lead by Tulipwish ( ), Emberheart ( ). Mulberrypaw ( ), Mistpaw ( ) Moorwhisker ( )

Camp Repairs/ In-Camp Training: Lead by Foxstar (@broadfae), Russetpaw ( ), Sedgestream ( ) | Pinkflame ( ) and Greyears ( ) to provide feedback.

**Feel free to start/stick or completely ignore these ideas for threads if you do not want to do them, they were only made in suggestions.
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Post by bits on Sept 12, 2021 16:33:17 GMT


Leaf-fall being well underway changed both the look and the bounty of the forest. Ideal pinecone season had come, and Blueshade had capitalised on that as an excuse to check in on his daughter already. There were other benefits - prey fattening up, colours bursting along trees, the cool nights not yet too frigid. The grey-furred warrior loved leaf-fall. He also loved the other three seasons for a variety of reasons, which may undercut the notion of liking any one of them in particular but ... it was always more fun to find the silver lining (or something to that effect). It was just chilly enough to have spurred Blueshade awake by early dawn, early enough to be alert and present for the call of the meeting.

The conflict with Nightclan was troubling - all conflict was, and this was not unique in its concern. That said, Blueshade would be lying if he said he wasn't ruminating on the incidents thus far and those surely to come. The same love of the clan that spurred Cinderstorm to overwork herself (over being a relative term and one she'd probably disagree with) monopolised Blueshade's thoughts. Half in his head, he almost missed the mention of his name among the patrol assignments. His nose wrinkled for a moment at the thought of leading a patrol, but it wasn't outside of his capabilities despite his preference to let others take the lead. He dipped his head to indicate having heard the assignment, and listened to the rest of Foxstar's address.
cedarsong - they/them, dawnclan
blueshade - he/him, oakclan
beepaw - she/her, nightclan

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