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September 2021 Art Challenge


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Post by KingHarry on Sept 2, 2021 18:05:20 GMT

Each month Written in the Stars will host an art challenge. The challenge will give you a theme and you can take it in any way you want to produce a piece of art. Ideally this piece will relate to the forum somehow, but if you cannot think of anything that would do that then you are welcome to create whatever you want!

Everybody that submits a piece of art will receive one minor item. If there are more than three submissions, there will be a poll where members can pick their favourite. The winner of the poll will receive one major item.
    [li style="text-align:left;"]This should be a new piece of art! Please don't refuse something you have previous shown us![/li][li style="text-align:left;"]Your submission must be posted before the end of the month[/li][li style="text-align:left;"]Your submission can be any kind of art! A drawing, photomanipulation, knitting, a photo of a cake, etc![/li][li style="text-align:left;"]Ideally, please put your submission in a separate thread and then show it to us by linking it in a reply here. This can be an individual thread per piece of writing, or a thread where you post your entry each month[/li][/ul][/div]

    This month's theme is:


    Please use this card base for your design. It is in a .psd format. If you have an issue with this, or cannot download it for any reason, please message  (who was very kind and made it for us!). Once you've downloaded the base, please draw your character in the white section.

    If you don't want to draw for this art challenge, you could take a photo of a craft you have done to represent your character and place it in the image area instead.

    On the base, there are five stats - size, speed, attack, defence, hunting. Please rate your cat out of 10 for each of these, where 5 what you would assume to be the average. Remember, a character should not be amazing at everything!

    There's also a section for trivia - give us a fun fact about your character!

    A helpful hint: if you're not sure what your card should look like, perhaps look at some Pokemon cards for inspiration?

    A quick message from Kazuko -
    "if you can't access the fonts, use the psd or are just having issues in general with the art challenge, just do the art and send it to me (Kazuko) with the related trivia and stats, and she will put it together for you!"
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