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A Guide to Finding Cat FCs


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Post by KingHarry on Aug 23, 2021 16:32:03 GMT

On WitS, you are welcome to draw a FC image or even forgo one completely and just describe a character instead, but a lot of us like to use photographs of real life cats to show what our characters would look like. This is a guide that should hopefully make finding those photographs easier!

FC = Face claim; an image used to show a character's appearance


Google, or any other search engine, is a really good place to start. The same method can also be applied to specific sites that you can find images on, such as DeviantArt, Flickr, Pinterest, etc.

This method is really simple - just search for what kind of cat you're looking for!

If you know exactly what you want, then try putting that in. "Cinnamon cat" is going to get you more relevant answers than "light brown cat", and there's no point in searching "blue cat" if you know that you're looking specifically for a "blue tabby".

However, do keep in mind that some colours are rarer than others, so not all searches will have high success rates. A general "Fawn caramel spotted tabby", for example, is going to get a lot less results than just "fawn tabby". If you want a very specific, rare colour, it is probably going to be easier to draw your cat than to find a photo of it!

Photo Collections

Don't have anything specific in mind and just want to browse? Try some of these links!

Warrior Cat Graphics: Link | Nav
Cat Colours: Link | Pinterest (Note: this site is mainly aimed at oriental cats, but you will find other breeds here too)
The Warrior Resource: Link | Nav (Note: when using the rank links for navigation, the link will not work. To make the link work, adjust the url to say tagged/ before the rank - e.g /tagged/kit)
Cat Outbreak: Link (Note: not every image on this pinterest is categorised correctly, especially when looking at the tabbies. To tell what colour a tabby is, look at the colour of the dark stripes)

Pinterest is an especially useful site to just browse on because once you look at an image, if you scroll down it will recommend you similar images.


Three more good places to find images are breeders groups, cattery pages, and rescues. The quality of the images from these sources will differ, but you can often find some interesting looking cats on them. For breeders/catteries, the best way to find them is to google a cat breed followed by "breeder", "group", "cattery", etc - e.g. "maine coon cattery". For rescues, the best way is to search for "cat rescue".


Still struggling to find a photo you like? That's okay! Pop into our discord and ask there - the Character Creation or Cat FC Spam channels will be the best place for this! Often, people will have photos saved or won't mind helping you search for one :)
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