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Post by smith on Aug 22, 2021 17:51:13 GMT

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duckpaw grumbled as he lay in his nest, curled up in a ball near the back of the apprentices' den. they twitched an ear as his rough tongue licked over his soft, feather-like pelt, cleaning all of the mud and swampy water out of it from the last time he had been out in the marshes. sometimes they hated being a nightclanner- he hated having dried up dirt in his fur and wasn't all too fond of the prey available either. yet, it had its perks, too, such as the availability of herbs which would occasionally drop in the other clans. 

as he moved his head forwards to clean their tail, duckpaw's ears pricked as the clearing outside of the den he was residing in began to sound much more busy than it had in the few moments before. the most recent hunting patrol had returned, it seemed, as the young cat could hear the sharing of prey. deciding to go and grab some for themselves, duckpaw uncurled from his position and got up, limping towards the exit of the apprentices' den.

when he arrived in the clearing, duckpaw was pleasantly surprised to see his best friend, lilypaw, not too far away from the fresh-kill pile. figuring she had been part of the patrol- as he hadn't seen her all morning- he made his way over to the albino she-cat, offering a short, small smile before returning to their usual dull-eyed frown, "hello, lilypaw," they started, "been hunting?"

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Post by ravenmist4 on Sept 9, 2021 6:14:12 GMT

A real patrol was a rare thing for Lilypaw, and she relished in the opportunity to be around real warriors for clan duties outside of her mentor. The non-sunshine patrols were much more scarce, and being included in them when Duskracer wasn't around was even scarcer. Part of her wanted to be resentful towards the fact completing her duties was so inconvenient at times, but Eveningstar's encouragement helped her realize that things could be worse. Much worse.

Dawn was beginning to ebb into the day within Nightclan's camp, and Lilypaw spent her remaining time in the raising sun proudly gazing upon the newly-stocked pile of fresh-kill. She had gotten much better at tracking prey, and she was glad for the undeniable proof of said achievements. Of course, she couldn't yet compete with seasoned and fully-grown warriors, but she was well on her way, in her opinion. She tried the hardest, after all. Even if she may or may not have mistaken a particularly lumpy piece of mud for a toad and jumped directly on it in the same patrol.

"Duckpaw!" The albino she-cat couldn't help but let the enthusiasm leak into her voice when she saw her dark-furred companion trudge towards her. "Yes, I have. I brought home multiple kills this time, too." She puffed out her chest in pride, purring at the mere thought of her best friend being able to witness her accomplishments.

"I haven't had the time to groom myself, yet. As you know, I'm normally not this filthy." She added sheepishly, her self-consciousness almost as apparent as the stark, mud-brown spots upon her alabaster pelt. "That aside, how are you? Have you gotten any training done yet today?"



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Post by smith on Oct 17, 2021 17:09:47 GMT

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a small smirk formed upon duckpaw's face, a rare sight that his clanmates didn't often see, although lilypaw was an exception to this, "i can tell," they chuckled, glancing at the other's stained white fur, "you're starting to look like cicadapaw," he commented, referencing the brown patches.

sighing, he shook his head, "i never get much training done," there was a slight grumble in their voice, although he pushed it back, glancing away from his sister for a quick second as he spoke, "i've been doing a bit on my own around camp though," they stated. it always upset duckpaw slightly when training and becoming a warrior was brought into conversation as they knew their ceremony was going to be delayed by a few moons at least. yet, they decided not to complain, and instead continued the conversation, "what about you?"

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