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Post by scottie on Aug 21, 2021 20:42:06 GMT


Had it been any other day, Moosepaw wouldn't even had left camp without adult supervision (with that adult being his mentor and only his mentor), but the sun had been shining and the sun was so blue and surely he was brave enough to venture out on his own.

He had his reasons, even! The midday patrol who came back with prey had come back with less than before, which worried Moosepaw. If the midday patrol had less prey, then less cats could eat. Less cats eating means less cats strong enough to hunt, which means less prey, which means.. the cycle did nothing less than absolutely horrify him. Now Moosepaw wasn't the best hunter by any means, in fact, he'd only recently grasped the basics, but he couldn't just sit by and let cats starve without doing anything.

Oh, but there was this teeny tiny problem, just a small thing.. Moosepaw had no idea where he was going, or what he was looking for. He swore by StarClan he'd seen that very same rock with three blades of grass hours ago, and now the sun was further than it should've been by this point. He was completely empty-pawed to boot, nothing to show for himself, bah!

But he was determined to stick in the forest until he found something, anything. And so he did, walking around aimlessly until something.. or someone.. would show up.

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Post by stephcansketch on Aug 25, 2021 1:07:59 GMT

In the distance, a soft meow of protest could be heard. Down the way in the brambles was Wolfpaw, tangled from toe nose to tail in thorny tendrils.

Wolfpaw had been sent out to practice his hunting by Bellwing. The blue warrior had offered to go with Wolfpaw, but Wolfpaw declined. The young tom preferred to be on his own anyway. But after chasing a rabbit through the brambles and getting badly tangled within them, he began to regret that choice. His fur as long and thick, proving to be extremely difficult to untangle.

Good going, flea brain! he thought to himself. Now someone has to get your useless tail out of here! Bellwing can't even send you out on your own without having you mess up. What a failure. Wolfpaw let out another meow. Maybe someone could hear him and help his miserable tail.

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Post by scottie on Oct 5, 2021 13:13:53 GMT


Moosepaw was starting to count the individual leaves on the trees by now, trying to make sure that no, he hadn't seen that tree he just passed before. Not that it did much though, the furthest he could count was seventeen.

But his counting was stopped to an abrupt halt as he heard a meow in the distance. Thank StarClan! He was saved! Er.. not that he needed saving. Maybe some direction, is all. But as he started approaching the source of the noise, he quickly realized that it wasn't him in trouble at all.

From the outside, it was a humorous sight. And if Moosepaw were less of a doomthinker he might've laughed, but he hadn't recognized Wolfpaw initially and felt a surge of panic course through him. Intruders! Hiding in the bushes! Camouflaged among them, preparing for an ambush! He gulped, ears flattening to his head before he realized that there was no unfamiliar scent in his viscinity nor was there any growl of battle that would have probably erupted were there enemies nearby.

Cautiously, he drew closer, eyes flicking over the thick pelt before he recognized his fellow apprentice, Wolfpaw. Not that he really knew-knew Wolfpaw, but you kind of have to know who your clanmates are, right?

"What happened?" Moosepaw's fear ebbed away to a mix of confusion and worry for the other tom, giving the prickly bush a cautious sniff before drawing back and tilting his head. "Do you.. what are you doing?"

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DawnClan - Moosepaw
OakClan - Kestrelfrost, Adderkit
NightClan - Rowanheart

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