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No holding back [Training]



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The soft rays of sun washed over the horizon as dawn finally broke. Kestrelfrost was unlucky enough to be awoken to watch it, her tail draped over her nose and her breathing shallow as the light pulled her from her otherwise deep slumber. But as always, she didn't even let out a peep, merely stretching herself and standing up, ready for the day.

There was a reason why she was so unaffected, that being that she had set aside a whole day of warrior work to spend on her new responsibility- training her apprentice. Kestrelfrost had been more than surprised to even be appointed one. She could still remember being an apprentice herself like it was yesterday, running and leaping alongside her mentor and working hard until her legs buckled- and now it was her turn to be the mentor. How time flies.

She shook out her pelt, carefully stepping over some of her fellow warriors before making her way to the apprentice's den. She scanned the sleeping bodies, before padding over to Fidgetpaw, nudging the small she-cat with the back of her paw.

"Get yourself ready and meet me at the camp entrance." As always, Kestrelfrost kept her voice curt. She didn't feel the need to say more than that, and hoped that Fidgetpaw didn't need any more instruction. If she did.. oh, it would be a looong training day.

Kestrelfrost walked out of the den without further word, sitting herself down by the camp entrance and giving her chest fur a few short licks as she mulled things over. What was the plan for today.. They couldn't start training for hunting or fighting just yet, could they? No, think about what Furzestorm made her do.. Right! Fidgetpaw needed to know what the clan's territory looked like before anything else. Kestrelfrost still remembered vividly her first time outside, and how much her paws ached at the end, but at least it would be worth a full day's activity. Yes, that's what they'll do, now to hope that Fidgetpaw's ready for it.


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Fidgetpaw felt something nudge her waking her from her deep sleep. Groaning she place her tail over her eyes hoping to go back to sleep. But soon she herd her mentors voice telling her to get ready and meet her at the entrance. She yawned and opened her eyes and got to her paws where she dug her front claws into the ground and stretched out her spine and tail. She than gave herself a shake to get rid of all the moss that clung to her fur. Her right ear twitched and her tail began to flick. "Time for my training to begin," she mewed softly to herself as she headed out of the apprentices den. Even as she walked one of her ears twitched from time to time or she would flick her tail from side to side. She wasn't named Fidget for nothing. There wasn't a second that went by that Fidgetpaw wasn't moving in someway. She couldn't stand staying still. Even in her sleep her body constantly twitched.

As she entered the clearing she paused and waited for her eyes to adjust to the morning light. Once she had adjusted she spotted Kestrelfrost and padded over to her. "Morning Kestrelfrost, what are we doing today?"

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Kestrelfrost watched Fidgetpaw intently as she exited the den, registering every step she took as a.. slightly annoying impression was imprinted in her mind. Kestrelfrost couldn't tell if her apprentice was nervous or just like that, but she couldn't say she particularly liked the contant twitching and flicking that Fidgetpaw was doing. She should've seen it coming thanks to the name, but still.

Nevertheless, her expression didn't change as the apprentice approached her, merely giving a nod in greeting before turning her gaze away. "I will be showing you our territory." there was a second of pause as she searched for the right words, her eyes flicking to Fidgetpaw. Should she.. yes, a warning is in order. "I expect you to pay attention the entire time, as I won't be repeating myself. It's going to be a long trip and I don't want to be out longer than we need to, do I make myself clear?" Her voice came out sharper than she'd intended it to sound, but she had to be as clear as possible.

She looked at the apprentice, feeling a twinge of discomfort at how less well-built the she-cat was compared to her. Then again- it would be good if they kept the tour short with that being the case. Even she could barely trek the entire territory in one go.

"I want to leave as soon as possible, so you'll have to get fresh-kill after we return." she continued, before standing up and shaking out her pelt "I'd suggest you get used to that, as this isn't an exception. Understood?" this was something she remembered clearly from training with Furzestorm, and honestly, it was good. More drive, more hunger makes your senses sharper. Kestrelfrost was pleased she even remembered to say it, no unfortunate surprises in tow.


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