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Snake x Pink - Test Litter


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Post by Kazuko on Aug 20, 2021 16:04:54 GMT


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One line Description: Thickfurred golden classic tabby she-cat with a rose-tinted coat.

Descriptive Appearance: Pinkflame is a darker version of her mother, with colours almost blending into the sinking sunset. Without her pink, she would appear as a golden ginger-based tabby, but the hue gotten from her mother changes this colour. Her green eyes come from her father, standing out against her otherwise warm body. Her fur is generally short, but thick, and her tail fur is also a little longer than the rest of her body. Her white markings extend along her underbelly and up her muzzle, as well as down all four legs and at the tip of her tail.

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1) Golden
2) Rose-tinted coat
3) Thickfurred
4) White-tipped tail

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Chance of Death?: No
Items Used: None
Other: Pinks gene string: Ll XOXO Bb Dd Aa tata spsp mcmc Wsw Wbwb ii CC

Stylised art version of Pink:

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Post by wolfpool on Aug 20, 2021 16:27:46 GMT

⌘︎ Snakedancer⌘︎

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Male || 36 moons || OakClan Warrior

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One line Description: Dark brown mackerel tabby tom with amber eyes

Descriptive Appearance: Snakedancer is a tom, with slim build, long elegant legs, and a thin and long tail. He has a handsome, slightly pointed face. His posture is always rigid and imposing. On his dark brown fur are plenty of darker brown stripes, that are looking like a pile of angry snakes slitheryng back and forth. He has a lighter colored jaw, chest, belly, and tailtip. His paws are also lighter colored on all of his legs. He has piercing orange eyes. . (can copy from character form)

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1) Trait: Brown pelt color
2) Trait: Short fur
3) Trait: Amber eyes 
4) Trait: Long limbs
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Items Used: None
Other: None


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Post by KingHarry on Aug 20, 2021 17:04:00 GMT

Because this is a test litter to get the ball rolling, I'm going to roll the kits straight away. Usually, kits would be born 30 days after the second parent form was posted.

Pinkflame and Snakedance are now the parents of three kits!

Kit 1: Female. Shorthaired mackerel torbie with up to 50% white spotting. This kit has a white tipped tail and long limbs.
Kit 2: Male. Shorthaired mackerel ginger tabby with up to 50% white spotting. This kit has an eyes/vision/ear mutation.
Kit 3: Male. Shorthaired mackerel brown/grey tabby with up to 50% white spotting. This kit is thick furred.

If you need help deciding what the eyes/vision/ear mutation could be, please feel free to shoot me a message and I can give you some examples :)
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