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Post by scottie on Aug 19, 2021 23:13:02 GMT

Kestrelfrost's restlessness was starting to feel like a thorn in her side.

She'd first noticed the feeling a moon or so ago, when she was hunting near the NightClan border. She'd seen one of NightClan's border patrols in the far off distance, but decided not to engage in any sort of contact, merely staring at them dubiously from over a tuft of grass as they passed. The air had felt thick then, and she'd innocently passed it off as normal borderside hostility.

But after the fight on the NightClan border, the tiny encounter felt like an overhanging tree of doom.

How much longer until a full war broke out? Kestrelfrost didn't know, and it made the restlessness flare up like a stubborn ember. She didn't like not knowing what was going to happen, or how to fix it. Not that she thinks that she's the cat for the job of fixing an entire clan versus clan war, but it just made her feel worse to be such a helpless warrior lying in wait for the inevitable.

So, she'd finished her duties of the day, and rested in camp, her mind racing for something, anything, that she might be able to do. Oh, if only she knew what tbe situation was on the border currently, then-

Wait, that's it! She could patrol the border, take a look at anything that could be amiss (And hopefully avoid any contact with NightClan), and then return home feeling at the very least a little bit more fulfilled. She hadn't gone on a patrol towards NightClan in quite a while, especially since the battle, so it could very well help her relax even a little.

But there still was one more problem, that being that it wasn't wise for her to go alone. Kestrelfrost was strong in her own way, sure, but if absolutely anything went wrong she'd be crowfood.

The she-cat shifted her paws uncomfortably, scanning camp for any cat she'd feel comfortable taking with her, but the choice was hard. Kestrelfrost really hadn't been going out of her way to talk to anyone before this point, aside from the usual small talk. This was way out of her comfort zone, but it was necessary. She took a deep breath, trying to put names to the cats that she could see, before finally deciding to approach Moorwhisker.

Now, she had to admit that she knew least about this tom out of all the cats in camp, but maybe that was a good thing. More often than not the cats that she did know about would most likely loudly scold her for even thinking about going to the border, and Kestrelfrost was not in the mood for that right now. Moorwhisker, however, seemed to be the type to keep his wits about him, so maybe he'd be willing to hear her out.

"Moorwhisker," she decided to keep her tone formal, dipping her head slightly in respect towards the older warrior before continuing "I wanted to go patrol the NightClan border today, but I figured it wouldn't be smart to go alone. Would you mind coming with?" The words felt slightly unfamiliar coming from her, and she pushed down the twinge of discomfort she felt from being social. It was time to be an actual warrior, now. She couldn't stay aloof forever.

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Post by KingHarry on Aug 30, 2021 17:21:12 GMT

Moorwhisker was somewhat concerned about the state of OakClan's reputation. It hadn't failed to escape his attention how NightClan had been testing their borders recently with their stubborn attempts to claim the bridge as their own and, in his mind, they wouldn't be doing that if OakClan hadn't started to be seen as being full of soft-hearted kittypets.

Not that there was anything implicitly wrong with kittypets, mind you. Moorwhisker had bee one himself once - though, from what he had gathered, his kittypet life seemed a lot more warrior like than that of some of his fellow clanmates. He'd been raised to fend for himself, only occasionally receiving handouts from the twoleg that had lived nearby. It wasn't until he had been dragged away from that barn he had once lived in and brought to this strange world that everybody had spoke funny that he had been restricted to the inside of his twoleg's den - and, once he had eventually been allowed to explore the outdoor world once more, he had rejected that life altogether.

Whatever the case, he wasn't sure what to do about it. It was as he was mulling over a few ideas that Kestrelfrost approached him. She wasn't a warrior that he had spoken to in any particular capacity outside general hellos and words shared on patrols, but she didn't seem like the bad type and so Moorwhisker was happy to listen to whatever she had to say.

He turned his head so that he could watch the other warrior with his one good eye. Considering that he didn't currently have anything better to do, the idea of a little patrol to ensure that NightClan weren't trying their luck again seemed like a smart move. "Aye," Moorwhisker agreed, "A'll come tae the border wi' ye."

Moorwhisker rose from his sitting position and stretched, before shaking his head a little in attempt to help make himself more alert and standing next to Kestrelfrost. "Are we gang now? Nae point i' beatin' around the bush wi' this, A reckon."

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Post by scottie on Oct 19, 2021 7:10:07 GMT


Kestrelfrost limited her relief from his agreement to a single flick of her tail, pushing back her self-satisfaction from holding a single positive conversation down before she could out it. This was a small step for her clan reputation, and a big win for Kestrelfrost.

But, she had to admit, it was taking her embarrassingly longer than she'd liked to process what Moorwhisker was saying. To an outsider, her blank face might mean she was thinking of an answer. But in her head, gears were turning as hard as they could as she tried to translate what he'd said. This was something to get used to- she entirely forgot where the tom had even come from. Not that it mattered to her, but she might look stupider than she was, and that was nerve-wracking.

Finally, she nodded. "Yes, I don't want to wait much longer." slightly uncharacteristically and in a slightly lower tone she added "-It's starting to make me feel uneasy. With everything that's going on and all. Plus, I doubt there's any cats willing to come with right now, anyway."

With that, she squared her shoulders, throwing a final glance around camp for a last crumb of reassurance before motioning for Moorwhisker to follow her. "Let's go, we're not in any rush- I'd just rather not lose any time today."

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