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Post by wolfpool on Aug 17, 2021 14:02:46 GMT

Snakedancer was sure his loud heartbeat scared all the prey away from the maple forest at this point. He could hear it in his ears, the quick pattern of his beating heart almost drowned out any other sound.  
He tried his best to steady his pawsteps, but the ground underneath him sometimes felt like it was made out of fog, ready to disappear. Or like thick mud, not letting his paws go until he was swallowed up by the soil completely. 

The night breeze ruffled his dark pelt, making the physical and mental divide between him and his mate painfully obvious. A divide, he wasn't sure how to cross... if he can even cross it. 
Another flow of breeze, another unanswered wish to feel the warmth of his mate's soft fur brushing against him once more. 
For a few seconds, the idea of the earth devouring him became very tempting. He shook his head. 

No. I can't give up now. 

With a careful glance to his side, Snakedancer observed Pinkflame's face, desperately searching for any clue, that would show him how does the she-cat feel. Ever since the ugly truth of his original intetions came to light, she drifted away from him. 
The tiny chuckles, that could put any songbird's chirping to shame,  the sparkles in her eyes, that were more beatiful, than the dazzling lights on the river at sunset, that gentle smile, that was brighter than the Sun... They all disappeared. 

Snakedancer felt like as if he is trying to find his way back to OakClan camp with the stars' guidence. But the night sky is covered with dark clouds, only leaving behind the pale and dim light of the Moon. Enough light to remind him, that those stars exists up there somewhere, but not enough to show him the right path. He could only hope, he isn't marching towards the abyss. 

He looked away, and looked up at the starry night sky, hoping he would find some reassurance in his ancestors.  
But the twinkling lights no longer offered any comfort. They seemd distant and cold, as-tough the members of his family, whom joined StarClan have turned their backs in him in disappointment. He couldn't blame them, if he was being honest. 

From the corner of his eyes he tought he saw glimpses of Lizardtail, looking sorrowfuly at him, as he passed trough the trees. It stopped Snakedancer in his track for a few heartbeat, scanning the area. His brother, or rather, the illusion of his brother was nowhere to be found.  

Maybe I should get more sleep. 

The tought left his brain just as quickly as it appeared. He was a strong warrior of OakClan. Now that NightClan was pushing against their borders again, he should be more on alarm, than ever.

" It's a bit chilly tonight, isn't it? " He asked and turned to Pinkflame with a smile, fianlly breaking the awful silence. 



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Post by Kazuko on Aug 18, 2021 19:22:33 GMT

Where had the light gone?

Pinkflame could only curse at her past actions. Why hadn't she seen the signs before everything unravelled? She had been stupid to think that Snakedancer cared about her, and she wished she had noticed that he only cared about appearances. She had been used. Even now, now that Snakedancer had admitted his sins and told her what his 'original' motive was, Pinkflame remained unconvinced that he wanted to change. His corruption had weaved its way into her heart and soul, fragmenting it in a way that Pinkflame was sure would never heal.

At the time, the she-cat had been too nervous to break up with Snakedancer on the spot, though she found herself regretting this choice later on. He may be trying to repair what was lost, but what was the point? Pinkflame's trust was gone. Yet, if she left him now, the guilt would be far too extreme for her to handle. She had to give him a chance...


"Hm?" Dragged from her thoughts, Pinkflame glanced at Snakedancer out of the corner of her eye, pausing for a moment, "Oh... yes, especially for green-leaf..." The she-cat didn't elaborate, letting the meagre conversation peeter into silence once again.
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Post by wolfpool on Aug 26, 2021 9:44:22 GMT

When the heavy curtains of silence fell again Snakedancer felt like he just dived head first into the cold river. He was trying to save his relationship right now, yet he was talking about the weather? How can he be this stupid! 

He felt his heart sinking. He didn't know how to put what he feels into words. He wasn't even sure if there were words strong enough to describe his love for the she-cat, and how grateful he is for this second chance.

A second chance he wasn't sure he deserved in the first place. 

The image of Pinkflame's tear soaked face flashed in front of his eyes. A sight he never wants to see ever again. 
But what if you don’t find happiness on my side? What if I only bring you more pain? 

Would I be strong enough to let you go?

Snakedancer gently shook his head. He didn't wanted to think about that right now. The fear of seeing another one of his loved ones walk out of his life almost paralyzed the tom. His eyes search in the maple forest in a desperate attempt to distract his mind. A small pile of fallen maple leaves caught his attention. Memories of his apprenticeship flooded his brain. 

He remembered how he used to race on the slipery, rain soaked forest floor with his brother, and get skolded after by their mentors for scareing the prey away with their loud shouting and laughing. He remembered the sound of crunching dry leaves under his paws when they jumped into a large pile of leaves, scattering the whole thing. He imagined his kits doing the same, and a smile tugged at his lips.  

" We should bring the kits here one day. I think they would love it. " He turned to his mate once again, attempting to brush his tail against hers. " My brother and I loved this place. We used to come here every time we got the chance.  I bet they would love to chase down some leaf monsters. " He joked with a light tone. 
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Post by Kazuko on Sept 15, 2021 20:29:56 GMT

It wasn't Snakedancer's tail brush that brought the smile to Pinkflame's face. No, it was what he said afterwards, about their kits. She had heard a variation of Snakedancer's story before, though from where she couldn't recall. The tom was right. The kits would love it here, without a doubt.

"Yeah, we should." Pinkflame agreed, pausing in her walking for a moment to take in the sights around her. Instead of continuing, however, she simply stopped in place, sitting down and wrapping her tail around her paws. What was the point in ignoring the big elephant in the room? They had to tackle this, after all.

"Snakedancer... what's going to happen to us now?" Pinkflame spoke, her voice lower than before. She didn't meet her mates eyes, instead looking forwards, watching a few leaves be picked up by the gusts of wind, dancing before settling back down, waiting for the next inevitable song.

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Post by wolfpool on Sept 16, 2021 14:41:28 GMT

Snakedancer stopped and turned around. The silence that followed Pinkflame's question hang above his head like a broken branch, ready to fall off from the tree and crush him within seconds. The she-cat didn't met his gaze, but why would she. Snakedancer wasn't able look at his own reflection either, after the truth came out. 

He sat down in front of his mate, and looked at his own paws. " I don't know. " These were simple words, yet they slowly turned the warrior's hope into dust. He felt helpless. He would do anything, if things could be the same they once was, but he knew that can't happen. Does she even want me to try, or I have messed this up too much? 

" I... I know we can't act like nothing happend. I don't want to act like nothing happened.  " He spoke, closing his eyes like as if this talk would be easier if he didn't saw the she-cat. " I know what I did was horible. I won't ask for your forgiveness, because I don't deserve it. Right now I'm walking in the dark and I don't know wich way to go. Wich path will lead me back to you, or wich path will lead me away from you. I don't know if the path to you even exists... And I don't know... If you even want me to search for that path. But. " He opened his eyes to reveal a passionet twinkle in his eyes, wich were filled with the small tears of determination and honesty.

" If you do. Only if you want me to. I will not give up until I find my way back to you. I will climb those invisible mountains, climb out of those deep ravines, and I'll dug myself trough those walls, that try to stop me. And once I'm there, I will show you every day how much I love you. " He paused and blinked a few times to stop a tear from escaping. 

" And if you don't want me to search for that path that's fine too.  I will leave you alone, and only go to you when you ask me to. I'll be there for our kits, at least, if you want me to have a part in their lives. If your happines comes at the price of me not being at your side, then that's a price I'm willing to pay. " He stopped to let Pinkflame consider all the options. He didn't noticed it during his speach, but his breathing became quicker, and the fur on his face had wet strings, wich were left behind by his tears. He quickly rubbed his face with his paws, to make those disappear. He cursed hismelf for such weakness. He was supposed to show how strong he is for his mate, and not collapse like a little kit. 

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