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Probably shouldn't.

The thought had occurred to her, the same one that cropped up quite frequently in Beepaw's scattered brain. But it wasn't a unique sentiment; it was the same probably shouldn't that crept in before ill-advised pranks on denmates. When she found her eyes wandering south (filled with thoughts of pale fur and scary stories), it would flit through her mind - probably shouldn't. She nodded at the notion when dared to do something a little on the risky side - probably shouldn't. There was no other thought as soundly ignored as "probably shouldn't".

And with every successful adventure, the apprentice grew a little bolder. Today she peeled away from her peers, taking advantage of the fair weather following sunhigh to slip out along the northern edges of camp. She had yet to wander too far all alone - it was another story when her denmates in particular were factored in. The presence of a peer had the effect of raising Beepaw's daring to a foolhardy level. Without company, her confidence didn't deflate - but she lost the brashness, settling into something more like certainty. She made her way along the roots of a large tree, eyeing the branches as she had a few before it. The apprentice was exploring with a purpose - she wanted to find a decent spot to do something fun and she wanted to find one before anyone else did. She had as much certainty behind her poor decisions as the decent ones.

And yes, the black apprentice had initially crept through familiar patches of territory under the guise of finding spots for tag or other regular games. But she pressed far enough to eye the water from afar, gears in her head turning - probably shouldn't. It wasn't that she was going to suggest the more dangerous games she'd heard of, but ... she absolutely would suggest more dangerous games. Her gaze flicked between trees and solid paths as she perched atop a thick, gnarled root. The pensive tilt of her head straddled the line between mischievous and downright thrilled.

cedarsong - they/them, dawnclan
blueshade - he/him, oakclan
beepaw - she/her, nightclan

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