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Post by ginger on Aug 12, 2021 23:35:30 GMT

    Daisypetals bent at the edge of the river, gently lapping at the water. Of all of the places to go for herb collecting, this had to be his very favorite. The water was clean and cool, and in most places, it was too shallow for gators to frequent. In addition to that, the lily pads that dotted the river made a peaceful, serene setting, which was only emphasized by the ever-present sound of frogs croaking. Of course, it did not come without a few prevalent downsides. With the thick, humid air, it was difficult for Daisypetals to smell many herbs, especially those that were more subtle. Occassionally, Daisypetals would simply have to satisfy himself with wandering until he simply happened across what he was looking for. It was hardly a foolproof plan, but it served its purpose. And, of course...there was the border to consider. 
   The flop-eared tomcat glanced across the bridge, staring briefly at the territory which belonged to NightClan. He was sure it had to be a trick of the light, but the forest across the bridge genuinely seemed to be swallowed by shadows. It was almost as if the land itself had grown to reflect the clan's ominous name. 


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Post by KingHarry on Aug 13, 2021 17:19:35 GMT

The Warrior Code, Paletongue had long since decided, was flawed. There were numerous ways in which he believed this to be the case but, today, he was fixated on the idea that medicine cats should be allowed to hunt for supplies in the territories of the other clans. Oh, it was all well and good for OakClan, he was sure - they had so many herbs growing there! In NightClan territory, though? There was some things, sure, but not everything he needed. DawnClan, he assumed, were in a similar boat.

But what nobody knew wasn't going to hurt them, was it? OakClan wouldn't miss a few plants here and there, and so the white tom had taken to sneaking across the border and stealing them. If he got caught, he would make up some sob story about an injured cat and those idiot bleeding hearts would probably let him get away with it. If he wasn't caught? Well, nobody knew any better, and perhaps Eveningstar would finally be praise him for his clever thinking.

Besides, he was current hunting around the bridge. Eveningstar practically considered that NightClan territory already, no? So why not go there!

It wasn't long into his trip before the young tom became aware of the presence of another cat. Sticking to the shadows as he always did, keen to stay out of the sun, Daisypetals didn't seem aware that the other medicine cat was in the vicinity. Good. Paletongue didn't want to have to deal with some mouse-brained OakClan cat arguing with him about-


At that moment, a genius idea came to him. They were both small cats, but Daisypetals was smaller. As he was a medicine cat too, surely his fighting skills were not up to scratch... Hm. Paletongue quickly became convinced that in a fight, he would be the one to come out on top and that, considering that, there was no reason at all not to attack the fluffy cat and steal whatever he was undoubtedly currently gathering.

His light build came at an advantage as he began to stalk his prey. Already within OakClan territory, he was positioned behind Daisypetal's back as he began to slow creep forward, step by step, until...

He came to a stop. Instead of leaping out and attacking the other cat, Paletongue simply stood behind him and announced his presence with his words:

"It is a fine day today, Daisypetals. Tell me, are you gathering supplies?"
DawnClan: Mothmaw
OakClan: Blackheart, Moorwhisker
NightClan: Paletongue, Cricketpaw


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Post by ginger on Aug 18, 2021 16:17:40 GMT

    Daisypetals stared at the shadows that lay across the water, his eyes widening for a moment as something crossed his vision. Amongst the shadows, he swore he saw a flash of white. Another cat? A...rival warrior? But, after blinking his eyes, Daisypetals found that he was met with nothing but the usual sight of moss, trees, and bushes. Nothing....
    The fluffy medicine cat furrowed his brow, still staring across the water. His eyes had to be playing tricks on him, right? And yet, he had also heard tell of how NightClan cats would melt right into the shadows, their pelts simply dissolving into darkness. They were phantoms of the forest, spirits of the night. A shiver ran down Daisypetals spine, causing his already fluffy pelt to stand on end. Just moments ago, the stream seemed so pretty and welcoming. But now, he could not help but notice the thick shadows cast by the trees overhead, or the way that tiny fish darted in and out of the algae, trying to escape some unseen threat. Suddenly, Diasypetals was uniquely aware of the fact that he was quite alone out here. 
    "It is a fine day today, Daisypetals. Tell me, are you gathering supplies?"
    The flat-eared medicine cat spun around, his heart leaping from his chest. A white tomcat, standing about half a head taller than Daisypetals, loomed behind him. Daisypetals stared wordlessly for a moment, trying to gather his thoughts, before a shaft of light fell over the other tomcat's face, causing his eyes, which Daisypetals had once thought were a pale blue, to flash with pink and red. 
    Daisypetals gasped and tried to take a step back, but his paw tangled in a previously unseen tree root, and he instead found himself tumbling backwards. He splashed into the stream, algae breaking way beneath his fluffy form. Water filled his lungs as he screamed, and for a moment, his vision swam with shades of black and green. Oh StarClan, was he drowning? Wait..no! This couldn't be the end! Daisypetals thrashed, his paws slamming into slippery, muddy ground. His head broke through the water's surface, and he sputtered for air, momentarily forgetting the frightening tomcat that had gotten him into this situation. But when he caught sight of Palesun, who was still watching him from the water's edge, Diasypetals knew that he could not go back to shore. Not yet, at least. 
    "Wh-who are you?" Daisypetals yowled. He did not have the best memory, but Daisypetals knew that he would recognize someone like that if they belonged to his clan. And why did this cat know his name? Was this one of those wandering spirits he had heard the elders talking about? The ones who would eat kittens who wandered too far from the nest? Daisypetals was not a kit, by any means, but that hardly mattered. He was still plump and fuzzy, a perfect meal. 

Context: Daisy wasn't raised on clan stories so he doesn't know what is real and what is just a myth

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