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If it was possible to die of boredom, Beepaw wasn't far from it. Like a physical thing, her restlessness - the first whispers of detachment hit before sunhigh. It was manageable then, before the day dragged on and she had to listen and be patient. The details of what she had been learning were already half-remembered, broad strokes kept in mind but details falling to the wayside. Her gaze unfocusing and ears swivelling to the side every now and again had been more than enough to clue in those around her that she wasn't soaking in the information she was supposed to be. Not that it cut anything short - but as soon as the dismissal was uttered, Beepaw was off. That was more than enough listening to her elders and doing as she was told (it likely wouldn't be the end of her obligations for the day, but that was besides the point).

She did have a goal, beyond just escaping the stale duties assigned to her thus far (not that she needed an excuse to abscond from responsibility, whenever possible). She cast her gaze about, nose wrinkling as she tried to spot a familiar brown pelt somewhere nearby. For a moment, Beepaw entertained the thought that Cicadapaw wasn't even in camp, but - aha!


Once her target was spotted, Beepaw called out to try and catch Cicadapaw's attention. She pulled her focus away long enough to pick out a piece of freshkill - she hadn't eaten yet, and she was famished - then wasted no more time peeling off in her sister's direction. 

"Hope you haven't eaten! I just finished listening to the worst lecture."

cedarsong - they/them, dawnclan
blueshade - he/him, oakclan
beepaw - she/her, nightclan

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