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Post by Kazuko on Aug 9, 2021 21:57:01 GMT

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Spiderstar held her head high, glancing around the barren landscape in front of her from her perch of a rocky outcrop. She and Pollensplash had decided to take their apprentices - siblings Slugpaw and Snailpaw - out to the hills to test their fighting skills. It would be the first proper test that they underwent, where both of their mentors would be standing to the side rather than actively sparring against them, though Spiderstar was still willing to give Slugpaw hints. She may only be a little biased...

Once she made sure Snailpaw had gotten down the outcrop and onto the plains in front of them, Spiderstar crouched and leaped off, following the other three into the flatter clearing in front of them.
"This is far enough." The she-cat called, raising her tail to grab the others attention when they turned around, "It's flat enough to practice here."

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Post by Tactical on Aug 10, 2021 0:58:18 GMT

Oh this was just a disaster! The fluffy brown tabby had just spent the previous night meticulously pulling out burrs and twigs. For someone who spent so much time grooming themselves, they also got rather messy kind of quick. Spiderstar had asked him if he would be willing to do a double training session today and certainly he couldn't say no right? "Come Snailpaw let us show who the best ones are hmmmm?" There was a light skip in his step, his fluffy tail held high as he pushed his way out of camp.

He was careful to avoid the pointed rocks his tail brushed against a low laying branch of a stand alone tree he looked up at it before making a tsk tsk sound. "Pardon me I did not mean to bump you tree." Suddenly Spiderstar stopped mentioning this would be a good place to practice fighting. He tilted his head to the side examining the area. "oh me oh my this won't do no no not at all tsk tsk." He mewed in a higher pitched tone. Instinctively
he used his feather tail and paws to swipe small pointed stones out of the way. He gave a few test jumps and leaps. "I cannot bring Snailpaw home dirty no miss. It's good now though...so please go ahead." He chirped. He was quite impressed with his cleanly work.


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Post by smith on Aug 13, 2021 17:06:31 GMT

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slugpaw didn't often get excited for training sessions- they usually involved hunting or fighting which the young tom wasn't too fond of, especially when he messed it all up. it just made him feel like a failure most of the time, and he often worried that he was embarrassing spiderstar- he couldn't be the leader's apprentice and be talentless- that was ridiculous! however, today was a special session, for his sister, snailpaw, and her mentor, pollensplash, were joining them in their session. slugpaw very much enjoyed spending his time with snailpaw, afterall, he had pretty much relied on her since kithood, and pollensplash wasn't too bad either, infact, he was a rather nice cat.

"what are we practithing today?" he asked, a smile on his face. he didn't bother to hide his lisp today, figuring snailpaw would defend him if anyone pointed it out. the young apprentice pawed at the ground slightly at spiderstar's statement, patting it to see that it was infact very flat, he then turned to pollensplash and let out a small giggle, "i don't think thnailpaw would mind... her fur'th alwayth a meth anyway," he laughed.

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