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Post by continlula on Aug 9, 2021 21:51:51 GMT

Heronswoop was usually one to put all of everything that he is into his work; it's kind of his thing, really. It's what makes him who he is. Heronswoop is not one to be lackluster in any way, shape, or form. But lately the tom hasn't been feeling normal. He's been sleepier than usual- a bone deep tiredness that he can't seem to get rid of- and the thought of doing things that he knows for a fact makes him happy gives him the biggest headache.

Today is no different to the past half-moon. If anything, today is one of his worse days. Heronswoop struggles to not just... sit down. Stop. Put a hold on life, at least for a second. But he has to push on. He can't just do any of those things. One, that's not what a warrior does. Two, he has to get this patrol done; it's his job. And last but not least, three: Eveningstar is on this patrol with him. The leader.

Now, don't get him wrong, Heronswoop knows he's not supposed to treat Eveningstar like he's above the rest of the clan; that's just not what a leader is (at least in Heronswoop's humble opinion). But even so, he feels like he has to be on his best behavior for this completely normal border patrol containing completely normal cats with completely normal emotions.

They've arrived at the bottom of their border with Oakclan, the Abandoned Boat and what is left of the small half-bridge next to it. The boat is both tied to the crumbling half-bridge and is stuck in the bank, so it's not going anywhere. Little is shared between the members of the border patrol as they spread out, each marking a portion.

When Heronswoop's out of view of the other cats and he's finished with his marking, he allows himself to sit. Iust for a moment. Starclan save me. This isn't what he's supposed to be doing. For the past 20 moons, since he came to Nightclan, he's been a diligent and loyal clan member; and nothing's changed within that time period, so why has his emotions changed?

That's enough of that, Heronswoop thinks. He gets off his haunches, regroups with the patrol, and moves up the border. All to repeat what they've just done.

Nightclan: Heronswoop
Oakclan: Mulberrypaw


I have nothing to say.

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Post by Tactical on Aug 10, 2021 0:49:35 GMT

The battle scarred tom watched Heronswoop go off on his own once they reached the bot docks. He gave the area a sniff before narrowing his one good eye. Rogues again of course... He peered over his shoulder before leaping onto the deck. The wood creaked and moaned under his weight. He checked every area that was above water marking the area fresh. Hopefully that would keep them away. At least for the time being. He wasn't sure what was so nice about this boat that the rogues liked. There wasn't much to it anyways. Granted he did enjoy the ability to reach between the boards and hook fish from time to time.

He lifted his head as the sound of pawsteps caught his attention. "Oh wait for me I'm coming!" As he jumped from the boats ledge, he landed on the soft swampy ground before falling in step with Heronswoop. He paused for just a moment before his tail touched the warriors shoulder. "Wait." His tone was firm, but had a sense of sincerity. He watched the remaining cats patrol ahead before locking gaze with Heronswoop.

"We live in INCREDIBLY dangerous territory. Whether it be poisonous plants, danger lurking deep in the water or rogues." His whiskers gave a slight twitch as he continued to speak with the tom. "You are distracted and that too is dangerous..." He continued looking at their surroundings. "What is on your mind?" He asked, looking at the tom with a serious gaze.

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