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It had been a couple moons since their previous competition.  Even though it had been such a long time since they had both been apprentices and in an odd way, she felt a bit of a pang of nostalgia, as she padded deeper into OakClan territory.  The Lilypad River had always been her favorite place to go, a cool river to expel energy by swimming and a beautiful sight to see during the night when the fireflies came out.  Of course, there was always that slight worry of being out by the river when all the couples and mates were out, but couldn't she be by herself and enjoy her own company?

But she had to focus, because there wasn't time to even think about it.  She had to prepare for the moment when Cherryheart would appear with another competition.  She knew that the other molly liked climbing trees, but Dewcloud had always struggled with that, her heavy fur weighing her down.  Therefore she wanted to prepare in a different way, because if Cherryheart beat her in climbing, then she could win in another competition.

With the Maple Forest behind her, she padded out towards the river, shaking herself off.  Little pieces of leaves that had clung to her pelt,   The river looked lower, lower then usual, and it sent her stomach clenching.  Stars above she hoped that Foxstar had a good idea on how to fix this.

She dipped her paw into the river, with frown that deepened her usual annoyed expression.  "'S not good," she mumbled to herself, before sitting up straighter.

Her ear twitched as she heard pawsteps behind her.  Glancing over her shoulder, she let out a sharp laugh at the sight of the familiar cream tabby fur.  "Well, well, look what the rogue dragged in.  It's been a while, huh?"  Dewcloud got to her paws, chin raised slightly, already geared up.

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