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Post by smith on Aug 8, 2021 21:38:24 GMT

he/him • dawnclan apprentice

off towards the back of dawnclan camp, sitting on a small, cold stone was a very grumpy slugpaw. the young apprentice had had such an awful day: not only had he been rudely awoken by the sun shining directly on his face and then tripped on a pebble on his way to the fresh kill pile, he had caused himself some extreme embarrassment... for the ginger and cream cat had attempted to refresh the moss in his and some of the other apprentices' nests to try to do a good deed. however, it had gone very poorly...

grumbling, slugpaw raised a small, white paw to his jaw, rubbing at his protruding fangs. you see, one problem with having long canines was that they constantly got stuck in things. this time, it happened to be fresh moss. it was this and the embarassment and shame it led to that had brought slugpaw to the most secluded area he felt safe in.

despite not wanting to be seen, the small cat knew he wouldn't be able to fix this problem himself and had to be helped. glancing around camp, he tried to find someone who he just hoped wouldn't be angry at him for needing help... and then he spotted them.

"thnailpaw!" he called out quietly to his sister, paw raised to hide his mouth, "a little help, pleathe?" he whimpered, face bright red with shame.

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Post by Sorrel on Aug 14, 2021 6:01:51 GMT


    Snailpaw had enjoyed a wonderful morning! She had caught a mouse on patrol (okay, so technically Pollensplash caught it, but she totally set it up for him) and managed to snag a really fat-looking sparrow from the fresh-kill pile for herself. Having finished her meal and delivered the feathers to Frostbite's den for... whatever it was those got used on, the young apprentice now found herself in a most unfortunate position: completely unoccupied as a rambunctious youngster whose mentor was out for business just now. Surely to be back soon, but she was certain she could find something to do before he was all up in her fur like some kind of den-mother.

    She shook her white-and-ginger fur as she left Frostbite's den, blinking at the dry air. It was so weird to feel the air be anything but temperate and cool, and running around in the woods made her skin itch under all the fur that covered her. Still, it was very nice in the shade- maybe she'd just enjoy the cool stones on the other side of camp and cloudwatch for  a bit. Of course, there was only one thing that could make this game even better. And, speak of the devil- a harsh whisper caught her ear, curling it away towards its source with a familiar uncertain tongue.

    "Hey, Slugpaw!" Snailpaw bounded over, speaking at her regular over-the-top volume. "Oh! What's the matter, lil' brother?" She tilted her head with mild concern as she drew closer and noticed his expression, lowering her tone to something approximating an indoor-voice. Her muzzle creased into a frown as she peered closer, nosing his paw out of the way- ah, now she could see. She loved her brother, but she had to admit he had a little bit of a tooth problem- as in, he had way too much of certain ones. Of course, as the firstborn between the two of them, she didn't mind helping him out so they could get on with their games. "Your teeth again? Alright, open up," she meowed, raising a paw, "Don't worry, I was just in the medicine den. I have the cleanest claws in the whole clan."

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Post by smith on Aug 19, 2021 16:25:49 GMT

he/him • dawnclan apprentice

slugpaw hid his face in shame when his sister came bounding over and immediately began to expose him loudly to the rest of the clan. he didn't know why he was expecting her not to, after all, snailpaw had always been the louder, more sociable of the two, yet slugpaw still wished that she would save him the embarrassment sometimes, "shh, thnailpaw," he shushed her, face bright red behind his large paw.

however, slugpaw was in desperate need of help in that moment, and knew that the other apprentice was the least likely person to be judgemental towards him for it, "okay okay, jutht be quiet," he grumbled lightly, opening his jaws wide for snailpaw to begin removing the moss with her paws. this would definitely be the last time slugpaw cleaned out the dens by himself. "thank you, though," he added on to the end, a small smile of gratitude on his face.

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